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Unknown Friend dreams
From time to time I dream of a girl. She has never spoken to me. I am normally doing all the talking and she mainly smiles at me. I know what she wants to convey by her expressions and body Language.
During the dreams nothing seems out of place but when I wake up I will quickly realise it was her.
There is something so different about her. 
I feel she knows its a dream and amuses  me because I don't.
She can appear after a few years or every so many days.
Currently its been a few years.
If its been awhile then her hair will change slightly. I remember it being very blonde and then after a gap of a year her hair was much darker. She likes to have her hair in a high ponytail, but has worn it down once or twice. 
She will always just appear but she makes it seem so natural that I don't notice at all.
I am forever looking for this person and I wish I could explain how different she feels from anyone else in my dreams.

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