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What exactly is a demon?
I'm on mobile, so I have to keep this short and sweet. I'll respond fully when i get home tonight.

Think of the difference between them like this: Attachment is like going swimming and getting a leech to latch on to you and suck at your blood.
Possession is more like eating bad pork and getting worms inside your intestinal tract. Possession is an entire other slew of things as well, but that is the major difference between the two.

One is without and one is within.
For the record, everything I say comes from a Christian perspective.  I hold faith with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God and anything outside that realm, be it Hinduism, UFOs or crystals and energies… I know squat.
That being said, I am also rational and, when it comes to the paranormal, quite the skeptic.

The thing that worries me is yr phrasing.  You ‘called out for help’ using EVPs.  That’s both an invitation and a sign that you were in a weakened state.  A demon cannot possess you if yr strong and/or if you hold faith.  They look for the lonely, the weak… someone ripe for possession.

Keep in mind, so much of this is subjective.  I don’t know what yr experiencing when you say you are ‘hearing voices.’  I don’t know what those voices are saying to you.  I don’t know what experience you had that made you stop doing the EVP thing.  Everything I say is guess-work.
Most likely, this is all built up in some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy bubble.  You went looking for something paranormal and… go figure… you managed to find it.  Chances are, this is all just nonsense.  I would dismiss it, off hand, but…

The nonsense adds up.

Honestly, I think, at this point, yr ok.  Shut those voices down.  Do not listen to them.  Play a song in yr head or recount mathematic tables… whatever it takes to show this creature that yr not interested.  Eventually, it should move on.  You could also talk to the local clergy… mosque or monastery, I don’t know yr faith… and ask for a blessing.  There’s no harm in that.  And stay away for messing with spirits… that’s just bad juju…

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I decided to delete this post.
Okies, so here’s a thought.  It’s still possible that these creatures are predatory and behave in exactly the way K-Ra and I have warned you against.  I mean, even if you don’t believe in a god, I’m sure you understand that man invented religion as a way to make sense of the world around him.  Maybe the concept of ‘demon’ was just their way of integrating these creatures into their belief system when they had no other answers.  Heck, that’s how they handled mental illness back them.  ‘Tourette's syndrome?  What’s that?  This guy is obviously possessed by a demon.’

And, of course these creatures are nice to you most of the time.  What do you expect them to do?  Shout ‘I hate you!  You make me wanna rip yr eyes out with yr own fingers!  Now, please… can I live vicariously through yr body?’  Of course not.  They’re gonna be nice and pleasant and try to woo you, perhaps even pretending to be female, and those times when they get angry is just when their frustration gets the better of them.

Demon, alien or predatory other-worldly being, please… don’t let them in.
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My favourite line, from one of my favourite movies, "Demons exist whether you believe in them or not."

The line itself is telling. Even in the face of science and "facts", it comes down to whether or not something exists, not whether or not you believe something exists. I can say I've never seen a blue whale and don't believe in them. However, they still exist. If I made the effort, I could still go and find one, whether I believed in it or not.

Some might say that the difference is in something that science has proven/can prove vs something that doesn't exist at all. However, there is no proof to the contrary of existence for demons, spirits, ghosts, or any other types of energy vampires. There isn't any proof to support them either, but that just leaves us at a neutral state where we need to adopt the philosophy better safe than sorry.

You don't need to believe in them to take a very simple preventative action that Mika and I have suggested. We can't force you to do anything or even listen, but I really hope you do. If it is real, if, and you do things out of curiosity, then you could leave yourself with a much bigger problem.
I decided to delete this post.
As the Greeks say, "An then ehis kefali, ehis pothia"; Meaning roughly: "If you don't have a head, you have feet"

If you can't think before you act, then you're destined to go about it the hard way. Good luck with that!
Awww, why’d you go and delete yr posts?  Even if you felt our concerns weren’t relevant to yr particular situation, shared experiences are always helpful.  Someone going through something similar could have read this thread and found answers through our discussion.  Or perhaps, someday, you could have come back and shared some wonderful new experience related to this being.  I'm mean, I'm just... well, me.  I've bin known to be wrong on occasion.  Several hundreds of them, in fact.  

Anyways, I wish you luck with yr other-worldy friend  Icontexto-emoticons-07-032x032
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Oh no - where did he go? I was following this thread and it was starting to get interesting. Sad

Regarding the Christian viewpoint, the Bible says to "test the spirits to see whether they are from God".

Seeing as I grew up in multicultural SE Asia, with Buddhlist/Taoist grandparents, brought up with Confucian philosophy and attended Bible school in my teens, my perspective may be rather different. I firmly believe that everyone's religion should be respected. But the differences and similarities in the various belief systems are fascinating.

Let's expand the scope of this discussion: what if the subject of "demons" and "angels" depends on the cultural perspective? For instance how would the gods, goddesses and demi-gods in Eastern, African or native American religions be viewed under strictest fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible? Imagine the reaction of the early Christian missionaries in a foreign land.
Talk about culture shock! Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.
I imagine the first missionaries didn’t view it as culture shock.  They likely saw it their mission to save the heathen and savages and perhaps to bring culture to them, as well.  At least, so far as Africa and the Americas.  They likely only considered the Chinese to be heathens, not savages.


I would absolutely love to include more cultures in the discussion.  The problem is that we need someone with knowledge about those cultures to participate.  The reason why I always specify that my posts are coming from a Christian perspective is that I don’t want people to feel that the Christian perspective is the only valid one.
Sadly, I don’t know enough about other religions… besides my sister faiths, Judaism and Islam… to speak with any deal of authority.  I mean, I know some famous Japanese ghost myths, like Kuchisake-onna.  I know Baba Yaga from Russian mythology and a bit about the Hali in Bulgarian legend.  Some few others.  Nothing that related to original query of this post.  

Really, it’s a matter of someone who holds these beliefs opening up…
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