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spirits communicate in gibberish?
I dont know if anyone else has this problem but every time i use the board the demons communicate in gibberish. My friends and i had the idea to put it into google translate and it gave us legitimate answers to our questions once translated to english. I asked it why the spirits never followed me home, it replied in gibberish which translated from Zulu to English as "they are busy".... I asked who one of my friends were with and it replied in gibberish that translated from some random language to English to "i do not care". It once told me and my friend "R U N" and we asked what from. It spelt out "Kankamamamamamamamamama" which we thought it was trying to say dagger ("kankama") which now i realize it was just spelling mama. One time it kept spelling out mama and i asked if it was referring to my mom and it said yes. Then it told me it was talking about my grandma. It then spelt out gibberish that translated to "it will end". Idk,,,, has this happened to anyone else?
If it translates, then it's not gibberish. Other than that, why play with something you don't understand?
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From reading your post and drawing on my vast experience, I can conclude a few things :-

1) as Vuktyrex suggests, doing things you aren't sufficiently knowledgable about is a potential danger.
2) Without sufficient protection for you, others taking part and the room, property where you are conducting the board work is a big risk. That said if used properly and all precautions are taken they can be useful tools.
3) Gibberish can mean a number of things :-

a) You are not communicating with a human, it could be an animal, someone or thing from outer space, or it could be a negative spirit playing games
b) Some bad spirits can do this, which you should not be getting if you have done all the protection and asked that only spiritsof love and light come forward to communicate for the highest good. That is only part of it.
c) Believe it or not some spirits won't work with you, especially if they know you are inexperienced and possibly putting yourself in danger, on the flip side negative energies will possibly take advantage of this fact.
d) When working with the board to communicate with spirit, experienced spirit workers adopt techniques to distinguish the nature of the spirit using the board. These are all the kind of things you need to learn to keep yourself safe.
e) without adequate preparating and protection you may be attracting negative spirit energy, asking if it is mom, negative spirits will often prey on people who aren't entirely sure what they are doing and once you think the spirit is a deceased loved one, they gain your trust. But as you feel comfortable with it they can tell you all sorts of stuff that isn't true but get's you hooked into keep trying it.

I would never deny people the chance to learn and discover spirit communication, but I cannot stress enough how safety is paramount. Trust me I have conducted clearances of properties heavily infested by bad spirits, Nefative spirit attachments to individuals. To continue on your journey, I would recommend reading some good books perhaps, if you wish to learn properly send me a message and I will send you a list of books I would recommend.

Stay safe, it is better to venture slowly forward in safety than rush in and need to perform a hasty retreat !

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