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Need your expertise on what my indoor security cam just captured?
Hi Everyone, sceptic is here,

Today, my indoor IPC  camera has detected some motion, twice, in my empty apartment located in Latvia.
It is 5 story apartment building, and mine is on the 3rd floor. I myself live in US, and visit my apartment once a year.

Motion detection is nothing unusual, it happens once in a while - sun flares, cloud shadows, thunderstorm lighting.
I pulled the record as I usually do and noticed something freaking creepy.  I instantly got goosebumps from what I saw.

I would like to hear your professional opinion, scientific or not. May be this has simple explanation, but if you think that's the case, then please elaborate.

From what I can see from this record, it is some kind of entity or cloud like fume, it the first appearance it is moving (or running) in a human like pattern, if you look carefully it is swinging to left and to right. In the second appearance it went through the wall on the right.

P.S. - Also, I don't know if this is important or not, but it came to my knowledge month ago that my neighbour from apartment above is about to die soon, or may be already? 

If you need the original video file for analysis just let me know, it is 720P HD file 10Mb, too large to make it as an attachment.
Also, before video cuts out, I tried to locate that thing by controlling my camera and I couldn't find anything. Unfortunately that IPC camera stops recording when somebody is in control.
As I said camera is indoors pointing inside room, there's a glass window behind it approximately 2 feet away. I looked outside window, there was just dead silent calm sunny Saturday morning and zero clouds in the sky. Also there's no other tall buildings outside or any other windows pointing towards.
Just managed to capture outside view few hours later, in case that helps. 

An insect
(06-02-2018, 05:45 AM)UglyNRude Wrote: An insect

That's a good version btw, though I believe it would appear more in focus. 
I got the exact same camera in my current house, I can try putting something small in front of the lense and see if does blur it like that.
Your camera is focused out at a distance, so an insect on the lens will be out of focus. Look real close even frame to frame and you can see legs.
I’m afraid I have to agree with uNr.  At some point, you need to ask yrself… what is the more likely scenario?  Did a ghost fog randomly invade my house for a fraction of a second, never to bee seen again?  Or was it a bug?

Pun intended…  8 D

I’m sorry, and generally I wouldn’t pretend to be an expert on anything related to EVPs or video manipulation, but I do own an old skool camera.  I’ve developed my own film, back when I was at university.  I’ve developed my own prints in a makeshift darkroom in my parent’s basement.  This is a depth of field issue.

Plus, the 'ghost mist' is obviously crawling.  If you ask me, it looks like a dune bug, but I s’pose it could be a lady bug or something else that shape.  But definitely a bug.
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I will add, I have and monitor security cameras both wired and wireless and have for 15 years.
If you think that was obvious - hell no Big Grin.
Now, after you told me - yes, it is obvious.
But yeah, thanks guys. Case closed.
Definitely a bug. Unr is correct in his assessment.
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