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Let me start off by saying that before this occurrence, I was in disbelief that things like this actually existed. I went with my friend to a "psychic" one day and she asked if I had anything weird going on in my house. I was surprised she asked that because weird things have been happening ever since I moved from the north to the south. To explain, things had been moving around such as things flying off counters, walls, and even the television and lights would turn on and off by themselves. The logical person I am tried to reason with myself and try to convince myself that there was a logical way these sort of things happened. She informed me that I had a young man following me. She said that he was angry and was trying to communicate with me and get my attention because he was convinced I could see him, which I most certainly could not. Of course, this freaked me out to no end. She also mentioned that this man loved me and described him an attractive man, probably in his late twenties with blonde hair, tall, thin, and with a strong jawline and face. (This will be important for later in my story) What she tried to do was communicate with him and tell him to move on and leave me alone. I honestly didn't even know if this was true or not but went along with it anyway because who wants a ghost following them for eternity. Well I went home a little uncomfortable but tried to shake it off. That was working until I got into my bedroom and I kid you not I felt someone scratching my arm hard and I looked down to see scratches being formed and they were very deep. In that moment I almost stuff my pants but of course tried to act unfazed. Well everything was still going on but for a long time I just simply ignored it and it seemed to lessen up. However, I got into serious relationship a while ago and things started getting worse. I felt constant anger in my house, which was worse in my bedroom. The presence was so strong that it seemed like I could sense exactly where the "ghost" was. Well scarier things were to come. To explain things that are going on now... it feels like something is shaking me awake whenever I fall asleep, I can hear breathing when I'm laying down next to my head, I wake up with bites on my leg, scratches, and sometimes bruises. But the scariest thing to happen, happened last night. My boyfriend astral projects, which I didn't even know was a thing until last night and he said that in the corner of my bedroom, this man was eying me down while I slept next to my boyfriend. My boyfriend tried speaking with him and even when they were speaking, he wouldn't lift his gaze from me. The man said that he "finally found me", "he loved me first", was convinced "I could see him". My boyfriend tried to reason with this "ghost" and the "ghost" got furious and tried to come at my boyfriend, which is when he woke up. My boyfriend told me all this when I woke up that morning. The strange thing is that he gave me more details than the psychic and I was stunned because I had been having dreams of the man that had fit his exact description for as long as I could remember. The really strange thing was that these dreams felt like memories and that man and I looked in love. Things always get worse when my boyfriend is around. Another thing that the "ghost" said was that he was "protecting me" and that I had a lot of evil in my life that he shielded me from, which I believe is strangely true because I did have both abusive boyfriends and an abusive father. I think I really angered him yesterday though because when my boyfriend left, things were really uneasy around my house so I stayed up because I was too scared to sleep. With that said, I laid down on my couch. I started to feel something grazing its fingers on my legs, touching my feet and hair. I ignored it all and then I started being pinched, which I of course ignored as well. The scariest thing; however, was when I got up because I felt threatened and I was walking away when I felt like I was being choked. The feeling was so strong that I literally could barely breathe. This morning I woke up and my voice was hoarse and nearly gone, if that says something at all. Its a holiday today or else I would be trying to talk to a priest or something. If you have gotten through this long post, thank you! I just really need piece of mind right now so if you could give me an explanation for this, I would appreciate it to no end.
Howdy Sabrina  8 )

Before I begin, are you absolutely certain you want an explanation for the things you’ve been experiencing?  I only ask because many people post on forums like this one, claiming to seek answers, when really what they’re seeking is confirmation. 

Generally, I don’t respond to this sort of post, as I’m no expert and don’t want to confuse matters… but no one else seems to be responding and you do strike me as sincere, so I’ll offer what information and advice I can.  Sadly, most of that will be ruling out a couple things without giving you a final explanation.

First, without more detail about this psychic you visited, I’m inclined to discount her words.  Most psychics are, after all, ‘psychics’ in the same sense that most magicians perform ‘magic.’  If I’m following yr timeline correctly, much of what you have experienced could simply be due to the power of suggestion, after being told a ghost was following you around.  The angry presence you sometimes feel, the dreams you have, being ‘shaken’ awake or hearing breathing… it could all be yr imagination.  I’m not saying that it is, but it’s a possibility.  Even yr boyfriend’s ‘astral projection’ could have been a dream, if you had told him about yr paranormal experiences.

Of course, none of that explains the objects that go flying off tables and such, but I’m more concerned with the scratches.  Specifically, when you say you saw them forming, do you mean as if a fingernail started to move down yr arm, scratching as it went, or was the scratch completely formed, only to redden or swell?  And by ‘scratches,’ do you mean like when someone gets a bit too enthusiastic while making kissy faces with her girlfriend, or would you classify them more as lacerations?

Rashes and allergic reactions can appear remarkably similar to scratches, so these could possibly be something so simple as the cosmetics yr using, laundry detergent, whatever.  Bruising can be a symptom of various physical ailments and may even seem like bite marks.  Both can appear suddenly, in yr sleep or without you noticing.  Regardless of everything else, I would highly suggest you visit a doctor and sooner, rather than later.  Personally, I would not enjoy the conversation where I get diagnosed with a blood disorder and had to tell the doctor that I had assumed it was a ghost.

All that taken into consideration, things don’t just randomly fly off counters or walls, so assuming you’ve witnessed these events and not just found items lying on the floor, let’s look into the paranormal.
I’m not sure why people think ghosts communicate with us by throwing things around and banging on walls and slamming doors.  It’s as if somehow dying turns everyone into a temper tantrum throwing toddler.  More importantly, I’m fairly certain that there are no documented incidents… from reliable sources… of ghosts physically assaulting people.  That only happens in the movies.  So, if yr scratches and bruises fall into the ‘paranormal’ category and not the ‘allergic reaction’ category, we can pretty much rule out ghosts.

The same goes for demons.  At least, demons in the Christian sense.  Demon’s can’t touch the physical world except by possessing a human… and they can only do that after being invited.  Depending on the details of yr visit to this psychic… and a demon wouldn’t care if she was really psychic or not, imho… it’s possible that you could have invited a demon into yr life.  Still, the demon would not be able to physically wound you.  So… not a demon.

I brought up demons ‘cos you mentioned the possibility of visiting a priest.  I would never tell you to not seek spiritual support, but I doubt a priest could do much more than that in this regard.

So… where does that leave us?  Outside my sphere of knowledge, I’m afraid.  You could try asking again in the ‘Shadow Creature’ forum or maybe the one on ‘Cryptozoology.’  Yr boyfriend’s visit to the ‘astral plane’ seems a bit sketchy to me, but perhaps you could ask in that forum, as well.  If ‘astral projection’ is a thing, maybe this man isn’t a ghost but a living creep who is stalking you through the astral plane.  Maybe you have a real-life stalker who can astral project?

I’ll be honest.  I’m not sure I’m ready to believe in things like shadow creatures or astral projection.  I am, however, willing to acknowledge my limitations and I know almost nothing on these matters, save what I’ve seen in movies and read in fantasy novels.  Which is to say, I know nothing on these matters.

I hope this was of some small help.  I’ve been where you are.  Kind of… different and more benign circumstance… but still, I know how confusing and frightening it can be.  Please, visit a doctor and get the scratches and bruises checked out.  Any paranormal investigator worth their ectoplasm would say the same.  And keep us updated, ask further questions if you have them, keep in touch… not everyone checks these forums on a daily basis.

8 )
[img][Image: SignatureToday2_zpsb40bf612.jpg][/img]
Greetings, This man, do you see him at all? Do you recognize the presence at all? Do you ever dream about this man?
From what I can tell without meeting you, this entity has kind of attached itself to your soul, and it has good intentions. It may believe he has found his 'love', or your soul is so similar to the one he loves. Another possibility is that in a past life, you were his love. It sounds like you can feel his presence. I would recommend using a spirit box but use it wisely if at all. Although spirit boxes are expensive, there are apps that are free and do exactly what a spirit box does. Let the spirit know you are not making fun of it, but only wish to understand it. I recommend having a trusted friend with you, but not your significant other. If you feel threatened in any way, do not attempt this unless you believe it is strictly necessary or wait until you feel the spirit is calm. Here is a slight guideline of questions to ask and how to start:
Hello, my name is _______This tool I'm using can help you talk to me. So, is anyone here?
What's your Name?
What year is it?     How old are you?
Why are you here?      What do you think my name is? 
                                                    How do you know me?     What do you want?
[i]try to work out an agreement with him, and do your best to get what you want.

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