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EVP/ Demon summoned accidentally by song?
I used to record myself playing guitar often when i was a teenager.  This recording is from around 1995 and was made via a boombox microphone.  The funny thing is that when i played it back, about 5 years later, too, I could hear something in the background for only a few seconds.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't me. 

I'm pretty much a skeptic and would prefer a logical, earthly explanation.  But it sounds pretty demonic and it was Creeping death by Metallica... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You'd need to post the audio up, so others could have a listen. But what does "it sounds pretty demonic" mean?
If you think of humans, there're quite a few guys who have really deep voices who also swear a lot, so if we imagine a life form from another universe somehow recorded human voices, humans might sound pretty demonic too wouldn't you say?

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