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would love some thoughts or ideas about a previous paranormal experience :)
A few years ago I was sitting around my room and got the random idea to research more about a certain deceased somewhat famous person. as I was reading this persons biography, particularly the parts about childhood/teen years. Previously I had been researching a severe mental illness I had when I was younger, but could never understand, I had never discussed it with anybody as I didn't know how, and was afraid.. for lack of a better word. It ended up going away on its own eventually, somehow, years before this but I was still looking for answers and trying to do a lot of research to find something that could explain what it was, with no luck. While I was reading about this person, however, I learned that he had the SAME problem, he explained it EXACTLY how it was. after awhile I became obsessed with trying to find out more about this person, and the deeper I dug, the more uncanny the similarities between us were, even random little details. needless to say, I was seriously creeped out, and significantly disturbed about the whole thing. Until one night, I had this dream about him. the emotions were so intense and pleasant, like absolute and complete peacefulness, serenity and love. He told me that he wanted to show me something, and he took me into the water and laid down next to me, looking up at a crowd of people standing in front of us taking pictures, but we just laid there expressionless. A few weeks later, I had found a picture of him standing next to his father the same way we were laying down in the water, staring ahead expressionless, and underneath it stated that when that picture was taken, there were a whole bunch of people standing in front of them taking pictures. Not long after that, I had another dream, it was like I was watching an old home movie through my eyes, of a random fragment of his childhood. That's the best way that I can explain it. and then the weird stuff started to happen, light bulbs would burn out very quickly, the power would go out only in my particular area, for about a week, as soon as I was about to leave the house, and it would turn back on as soon as I was out of the area, pens would roll off the table on their own, Id hear loud banging noises coming from the bedroom and nothing would be out of place when I would go to check, and so on. One day I was sitting down and I experienced an incredibly severe, sharp pain in my back, exactly as if somebody had come up behind me and slashed me across the back with a machete or something, it pushed me forward. for months afterwards I had this horrible, almost unbearable stinging/ burning sensation in that exact area as if I had a big open wound in that spot, I had to check sometimes to make sure, but there was nothing visible. I developed some very unsettling urinary problems which I won't get in to, and I had seen 5 different doctors, two ultrasounds, at least 10 different blood tests, I lost count of how many urine tests, and at least 3 physicals, and all of those tests came back completely normal, all the doctors were stumped! Then suddenly, almost as suddenly as it started, after 3 or 4 months of hell, it just stopped. I still experienced quite a bit of paranormal phenomena for a little while after that, and then one day, that just stopped as well.
I'd love to get some input on this, I've been trying to figure out for a very long time what it could all mean, or if I'm just crazy and it was all in my head, or if there is some type of connection between him, and all of the stuff that happened. Any thoughts or similar stories would be greatly appreciated Smile Thanks for reading!!
You have to wonder why so many people who come here and write about there experiences do not  bother to break up the huge wall of text and use paragraphs.

Here is what I got from it.
You use to be crazy but now your not, you had a dream, and you had multiple urinary tract infections. Oh wait you paranormal experiences but didn't mention them.
Seems to be the status quo of new member to paranormal claim.
[Image: space.gif]
But aside from that, it's probably pretty normal to have dreams about someone you identify with and even to find similarities with them such as the dream and the picture. Was your health problem psychosomatic? Who knows? The brain works in strange ways, but then so does the rest of the body. Some of the symptoms you mentioned could be caused by any number of things, from diabetes to kidney stones and including infections, mild food allergies, or reactions to food additives.

For now I'd be happy that your health has returned to normal.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
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