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Help understanding (long post)
So I have had paranormal experiences all my life even as a baby. When I would cry in my crib my mom Andrew dad would watch the light show in the room turn on and id stop crying. It sound so kind and insane but hear me out. As i got older we moved into an old house in the the forest and my grandparents started building their home on the property. I lived there til I was like 12. The first things that I remember happening on the property was when my sister saw ghost. It could of been childhood imagination or something based off a movie she saw but she also said they floated and were wearing old tiny clothes. She was having constant nightmares then my religious uncle gave her a bible and she slept with that thing under her pillow after we moved out of that home and she still keeps it. My sister and I shared a room and while she had her nightmares on the top bunk I was seeing a figure a lot that would pace my room and stop at the foot of my bunk bed and my sisters head at the top bunk. I would turn on my lamp I kept by my bed and hide under the covers with it when it would get close I would sometimes run to my mom’s bed. I slept in her bed almost every night she would say. I spent a lot of time in the forest trails with dirt bikes and later in life I found out many bad things were happening in the homes built and in the woods near it. Not paranormal things but now I wonder if it could have attracted sports or made them stronger by feeding of the pain and negative emotions. I won’t share what was happening for the privacy of the children and the adults involved. At a birthday party my mom had taken a bunch of pictures for her Facebook and then she saw some that she was freaking out over in the first one all the kids were around the cake posing and then there was an extra hand type figure. It was jumbled into the rest of our hands like it was posing with us. The next photo was of my sister laying on the bed in the basement where she had moved her room to because it was big and she could have her own room. On the bed next to her was a translucent figure. I’m not really sure how to explain it.  Over time things started tearing our family apart.  My oldest sister had developed an eating disorder and it was sad times in the home and my dad had to work far away to make ends meet. My mom became depressed and I started staying in my room more. Then we moved into the city to be with my dad more. The house wasn’t old and it was in the suburbs. I had a very small room but I didn’t mind. I had started having these dreams. They felt so real and I was scared to sleep. I always felt like I was being stalked and so did everyone else in the home. My dad was sitting in one of the living room’s when the chairs in the dinning room pulled themselves out. My brother had an experience as well. He had the only downstairs bedroom and one night we all were hearing noises underneath my parents room downstairs and in the kitchen Under us so we texted my brother. He said he was in his rooom but heard it to and he was the man of the house I guess because my dad was gone so he looked for the intruder and but he saw a black figure in the kitten run out the back siding glass door. He was freaked out and started yelling for my mom to come down the stairs more and come see. The kitchen cabinets had opened and some were closed still so we might have left them open but the back door was open and the lights from the back porch were on now and our dog were In the house barking like crazy. We all slept in my parents room.  We later moved across the country for my dads work. Things went from bad to completely insane. In the new house we all have our own rooms and it such a big house it hard to clean. We still feel like we are being watched but nobody really brought up ghost or anything. When we first moved in I just had a mattress on the floor and the two closets in my room would legit rattle at night for no explainable reason. Like violently. I did have a fan in my room but I hate using it because the sound and I hate sleeping with open windows. It was so weird to me. I ended up making crosses and I tape them to the doors of the closets.  They haven’t don’t that in a long time. My sister started having thing happen to her again unless she made it up for no reason. She said one night she heard someone whisper her name and then her door opened but she thought it was me and it wasn’t and nobody else opened up about it and at this time it was only me my mom my sister and my brother there. And the only other female would of been my mom but she had to take sleeping pills for her insomnia. The kitchen cabinets would open and close and doors would close on us sometimes my dad still doesn’t believe any of this or just doesn’t want to admit it because he’s scared. Not sure because he has said his experiences before but he stopped. Like a year into living here we have guest from our old towns over and we were all talking really late at night and my dad was gone on a trip for work. The lights above the table started going out and my mom and I both saw this black figure thing go up the stairs and then we all hear footsteps above us bin my sister’s room and then the doors started closing. We ran out of the hose screaming and drove to Walmart and my mom bought a bunch of crosses and a bible in the neighborhood i have never seen so many cats like it was weird but could be a coincidence. There were probably a hundred cats jumping in front of the car and and on the fences and in trees. We had a cat at that time I got for my birthday years ago named mittens. He went missing later and I was so sad and I still am a little sad. But don’t worry not a Singtel cat was harmed while we drove home. When we got home nobody wanted to get out till my mom finally did and she screamed at whatever was in the house and said I’m not afraid of you. The rest of us though were very afraid. We all slept with my mom in her room. The next morning I walked out of the room when I saw the front door open and I felt like this thing was trying to let my dogs out to get hit by a car. I don’t know why I thought of that but it came into my mind and I freaked and ran to the door and slammed it shut and locked it then I felt kinda silly but I told it “No do not do that.” I had a dream last night and a guy in the dream told me to watch out they are watching you in your room and when I woke up my bedroom door opened. We stills have this type of thing happen till this day but I won’t write them all it would be too long. Tbh this is already too long probably but I wanted to share. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Why do we hear knocking on the walls still? Why do our electronics go off and on? Should we try contacting it?  Helpful comments only please sorry if this sounds insane.
I’m sorry, but I’ve tried to read this several times and all that ever comes from it is that my eyesight goes blurry and I start to get a headache.  Perhaps if you could break it up into paragraphs or maybe make a list of the various incidents… rather than one huge block of text.  It might be easier to follow.

8 )
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None of what you said Ella2, suggests paranormal activity. Basic house rattles and what not and second hand stories with sketchy credibility at most. Find the cause, eliminate possible answers before turning to the fantastic.
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