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Either my heads messed up or a demons trying to hard
As I said in recent posts I am a dad so this dream freaked me the hell out.

It was 3 years ago and I still have remnants of this dream today.
I went to bed early cause I had work the next day. I put my kids in their rooms and went to bed. 
I heard my son giggling so I got up and looked there was my kid staring off into space rocking back and forth on his rocking horse the thing I was worried about was it was facing the wall I got up and said what are you doing up sweet pea its bed time. He stopped rocking and I reached for him and he disappeared I looked around the room and looked up and say my kid on the roof and it started to chase me I ran and fell and I woke up again and I got up as soon as I could I ran into the hallway and reached for my dad's door and no matter how I tried I couldn't grip the door handle it was then that I felt the need to go to the bathroom and walked into the bathroom and noticed there was no toilet water I turned on the sink nothing poured out I reached out to touch the tap and I looked up into my mirror and I saw me with black sunken in eyes and sharp teeth and reddish brown skin my eyes were black the reflection gave a sickly smile I reached for the mirror and the toilet flushed and the sink turned on. Now this time I awoke for real in a cold sweat and in shock. I jolted awake from that I dont know what that was but let's just hope I never have that dream again
That's a bit creepy, yeah. I don't think it has to do with anything supernatural, per say. I think you must be going through a temporary rough patch or just a little bit more stress than normal. It would make sense that your kids would be on the mind, because they were the last thing literally on your mind (as you put them to bed). I can't really decipher dreams (I don't think anyone really can). I think you just need to let the next few days pass, and see where you stand from there.

Usually, demons/supernatural entities have a few other symptoms/signs that happen, in conjunction with things like nightmares. Otherwise, there'd be no way to differentiate between a nightmare and otherworldly influence. Believe me when I tell you, they want you to be able to differentiate between them. For most, power comes from fear. You can't fear something you don't think is there.
You had a creepy nightmare. Not paranormal, merely psychological. I think you need a vacation Wink .
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