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Anyone ever heard or talked to the Beasts?
For some time through out my collage stay, my friends and i used the ouija board and after the first few times of getting random spirits, we eventaully stumbled upon something that called itself FIL WILEY, the beast of guilt, through more adventures with the board we were able to talk other beasts. FIL was able to be called from any board from anywhere. we once had a cat in the room while talking to this beast, as we talked to him the cat circled and nuzzled the air under the table where the board was above. In times of scary spirits taking over the board we could call out to him and FIL would take over the board. Many other things have happened and FIL has told my friends and i other things which id love to disclose but for now id like to know if anyone has run into something like this or knows anything about the GateKeeper and his rules
Also id love to get some people together for a group ouija gathering and see what we can find
im in the Reading,Pa area

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