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Does 3 mean something?
Hi everyone! I'm new here, I've decided to share my experiences with you all because I have a lot of them. I think overall its due to the old Victorian house that my family and I live in. Regardless my family is falling apart (probably for the best) and things have been stirring and ghosts are starting to appear more, often to me anyways. So yesterday I was talking to my mom in the kitchen I was sitting at our breakfast nook and she was emptying the dishwasher facing me. We were talking about family matters and I see this white thing go like whoosh past the door it left as quickly as it came. I was weirded out so I told mom and we both eventually brushed it off, so we go back to talking and in a matter of 2 minutes, I see it again! So later on last night I was in bed and right before I fell asleep I see a whooshy thing but this time it was black. Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of my great grandmother's death (we were really close) so I've been thinking about her a lot lately. This past week I met a guy I really like and he seems to like me. I came downstairs today and was walking to the kitchen when my mom is like you need to read your horoscope for today, this is what it reads: "Some vivid, inspiring, and intense dreams could come your way today, Pisces. They could involve paranormal figures, such as angels. Make sure you keep a record of them, butt your higher self is trying to tell you something. Make a list of all the images you can remember and analyze what these images symbolize to you. You could come up with some profound insights about the world and yourself." Mom said as I was walking to the kitchen something said shes gonna ruin her life like Jay did. Jay is my grandfather he was supposed to go to university but then he met my grandmother which he later learned was the worst mistake of his life (and this is before she knew about the guy I've been talking to). I'm supposed to go to university this coming fall. I'm wondering if this is about being around certain friends in my life like will the same thing happen to me? Will I meet some guy who will ruin my life or is it about this new guy I'm talking to? Anyways after my mom and I are trying to figure out whats going on, we are talking in the kitchen yet again, I go to walk out of the room and I hear someone softly say "Morgan" (that's my name), I walked back into the kitchen and mom was like why would you whisper your own name? And I was like I thought you said it, she says no so I'm really wondering what is going on and if it's symbolic of anything or any deeper meanings? Please if you have any insight at all let me know!

Thanks Morgan
First important thing to remember is that we tend to make our own future. The power of will and expectation is quite potent. It's the reason why a lot of motivational counselors will tell you to visualize what you are trying to achieve. If you are expecting to meet someone, rather than just going to look for them, then yes you are probably going to meet someone. If you believe that meeting that person will end up ruining your life, then you have to be careful, because you could end up achieving that just by expecting it.
It's another reason why self-saboteurs are so effective.

When you are getting close to the anniversary of a deceased loved one, you are already going to be in a vulnerable or volatile emotional situation. Now, many would say that your being in that state is enough to attract spirits and the like, because you have a more accessible collection of energy for them to feed on. Skeptics would say that your emotional/mental state is compromised and that could lead to you seeing and experiencing things that you've set up for yourself. That they aren't necessarily there. It is what it is, and you need to know how to objectively look at the situation, if you want to be able to determine whether or not something supernatural is actually happening.

For your post's title, yes. The number 3 is a meaningful number in superstitious beliefs. The Greeks say that "everything happens in 3s". If anything bad happens, it happens in 3s. If anything good happens, it happens in 3s. Wiccans have the 3-fold law, where anything bad you do comes back to you 3Xs as worse, and that is incentive to do the right thing. If you want to get a bit more ridiculous, 6 is divisible by 3, making it quite meaningful in the sense of religion. In Christianity, 666 is the number of the beast. However, in Buddhist religions, 666 is actually a very lucky number. So really, it depends on the context that the number appears, if it is to have anything important to tell you.
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Thanks for the insight its greatly appreciated! You have helped me put into perspective other aspects which I would have never thought of - I'll be sure to watch the fate that I make!

No problem! I hoped it helped a bit Smile
Any number can "mean" something and you can find all sorts of beliefs and history about any number you scrutinize.

Oddly enough I just this moment received an email with the subject line "What does it mean to hear 3 claps" strange...

In my experience 43 seems to keep appearing but then again I am probably always looking for those numbers.

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