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My daughter saw something in the car last night
This really freaked me out ! I'm not big on the paranormal and don't try to actively fallow stories because it honestly makes me nervous. But I have to share what I experienced with my 4 year old daughter last night.   
I was driving home around 9pm so it was already dark. I was taking a left turn in a intersection off of a side road onto the main highway. As soon as I was doing the actual turn I heard from my daughters car seat her say "what was that growl?" Than a second later she says "oh I see  a ghost by me he just growled  and than disappeared "
I instantly got goosebumps and told her not to worry nothing was there. 
About a minute later out of nowhere she says "god is waiting for you to die." 

I was horrified! I'm not super religious but have told her there is a god and heaven where are loved ones wait for us because last week we lost my grandmother, her great grandma.  
Just the way my daughter worded it in that moment was so creepy. 

Fast forward the next morning I finally decide to ask her what happened in the car. I started off by just saying "last night you said something about a growling in the car?" 

And she right away said "oh yeah , there was a ghost by me. It was dark and long (she was spreading out arms and legs to show me like a jumping jack) and had sharp teeth . It told me to come with it and I said no so it growled at me and disappeared " 

Note she is four and doesn't watch scary movies yet (is a only child so pretty shielded from those things) 

Can anyone help? Does it sound legit?? I'm so freaked out!! What's your opinions??

Also there was two people around my age separate years that were killed that I knew on that side road leading to the intersection . One she drank and drove and went off the road. Another a boy left a party and was drunk and he ended up being hit by a car.   I'm sure other accidents may have happened at the actual intersection where I was turning but those are the only two in personally know of!
If it doesn't keep repeating, then there's nothing to worry about, if it does, and you see your daughter talking to "someone", don't tell her that it doesn't exist or that there's nothing there, that's how we loose the ability to perceive a lot of things, by constantly denying them.
Better make her feel that you believe her (even if you don't), it's very important for her to feel confident about the subject, without any fear, and free to talk to you, but if you don't believe her, then she won't talk to you about that anymore, and that would be muuuch worse than a harmless ghost.

If you see it repeats, just watch out, tell her that it isn't good to talk to them, it drains your energy and you can get sick, less good is to help them with their unfinished selfish issues, that's precisely what keeps them lost, instead, they just need someone alive to tell them something like "Come on, man, you are dead, don't you see?, stop doing that over and over, it's time to go to the Light and rest in peace!, if he doesn't want any light, then ignore that ghost and keep him away from now on, nothing good can come from him.
God is waiting for them to die too, even if they are already dead.
One thing to remember when you are questioning a potential paranormal event is that they are extremely rare.  Otherwise, everyone would believe in them.  999 out of 1000, there will be a completely rational explanation.  Or, perhaps I should say, a completely normal explanation.  It is completely natural for children of yr daughter’s age to have imaginary friends.  Honestly, this sound like a story unfolding.  

Imagine yr only 4 years old.  You hear a sound you don’t recognize… maybe another car with a bad muffler or the wind is excessively strong or something is sliding around in the trunk… and you decide it’s a ‘growl.’  Well, what growls?  Scary things.  You look around and there are no tigers or bears or monsters, so the growling thing must be invisible.  Maybe it’s a ghost?  Yr father next day asks you what it looked like, but that was forever ago, like yesterday even, so you imagine a ghost.  You spread yr arms and legs out to show how big and scary it was and add teeth, because scary things always have lots of teeth.  And it wanted to take you away, but I didn't want to go, 'cos I loves you.

Imagine a child, dealing with death for the first time, trying to figure out the details... her great grandma went to Heaven, maybe she should too... but she isn't ready, and God is waiting for you, so maybe he's waiting for her, as well... 

While it’s not exactly typical for kids of that age to have ‘morbid’ thoughts, it’s not exactly uncommon or unhealthy either.  Particularly not under the circumstances you describe.  If this is her first ‘death’ in the family, she’ll be trying to make sense of it.  These things will be on her mind and might pop out at any moment… because, you know, she’s only 4 years old.  Her capacity for logic and abstract thought are still forming.  But don’t doubt that they are there… they’re just a bit fluid at the moment.

I feel I should take a moment to point out that I’m far from a ‘paranormal expert.’  I believe in such things, I have experienced them, but my knowledge outside of my personal experience is decidedly lacking. 

That being said… If I were you, I would be proud of yr daughter.  For lack of a better way to put it, she’s sorting out her own emotional sh… er… stuff.  Her scary dark friend asked her to ‘come with’ and she declined.  Then she decided that you were, one day, going to Heaven to be with her great-grandmother.  Sounds to me like she’s well grounded and making healthy choices.

You know, from a four year old’s perspective  8 )
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She may “shielded” from things but she could have seen a DVD cover or video game cover at a department store, saw a glimpse of something on TV or even something in a book (Where the Wild Things Are is pretty creepy if you ask me). Don’t worry about it right now.
The Universe is full of things that look "beyond normal" for us, that doesn't mean they are rare, the rare is finding someone who really pays attention on what is in front of his nose, someone able to see things without judging them, well, little children can do that, because they still don't have the pollution of concepts, that way, their perceptual filters work differently, if you see something unknown for you, perception translates it to something "known", then, you see a bird, for example, but that wasn't really a bird, you just tag with a concept and the thing becomes that, that how perception works, that's why, if you keep repeating the children "that doesn't exist", then they take that concept, and when they perceive it the next time, then, automatically their brain filters "nonexistent, that's nothing", and that's what they end up seeing, nothing, it's a shame, lost perception, just because of fear.
See if it keeps on repeating, if not then it's most likely just that she is four so she is likely to have good imagination even though I have never gotten why kids would want to imagine something that would possibly scare them

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