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My Daughter needs help
Hi My name is Val,

I'm not sure where to post this in the headings so I am just going to write it and maybe someone can help us.
Ever since my grandmother past away my daughter and I have been tormented by paranormal things..first event was she was getting ready for school in the bathroom and the lights started flashing the moment she heard a woman screaming in her ear but no one was there. I too have had a similar instance when I was in the basement feeding the dog, everyone else was up watching tv in the living room when out of the blue I heard a woman screaming and calling my name but again no one there, I went upstairs shaken and asked who was calling me and one else heard it. A few nights after I had a dream that I was in the kitchen when I heard knocking at the garage entrance, I turned to see who it was and it was my grandmother. I knew immediately in the dream she wanted in and needed to be in the house so I moved to get to the door but I couldn' was like something was keeping me from letting her in. No matter how loud and urgently she knock and tried the door she couldn't get in and I couldn't get away from whatever was holding me..I woke shaking and bawling my eyes out that I couldn't get to her. I still cry when I remember the dream! 

A couple of weeks later we moved my daughter up into my grand mothers old room, immediately she started seeing a shadowy figure in one specific corner of the room, she was very uncomfortable in the room but always felt she needed to be in the room, she also experienced dreams of someone's hands wrapping around her ankles and dragging her off her bed. She would wake from these dreams with her body halfway down the bed and legs off the bottom. She started becoming anxious and depressed. One night it terrified her so much she ran from the room to my room and never went back into it again. So..I took charge of the room and confronted it which seemed to help her but not me. My experiences in the room where more physical in nature, more sexual...I hated that room!
We have since moved from the house to a new one but she has nightmares of a man that follows me around the house almost chasing me, she hears a woman humming in the basement and people whispering to her but she can't understand what they are saying to her. I went just before christmas to see a psychic for the first time and when we play back the recording of my sitting, every time the pyschic mentions myself or my daughter you can hear this kind of weird noise like a long angry yell down a tunnel or corridor.
Also, every night now my daughter experiences either sleep paralysis or a recurring nightmare of an old decrepit woman reaching down from kind of above and over her head, this claw-like decrepit hand taps in the motion of the cross on her taps out each point of the cross over and over again. My daughter can actually describe it in great detail to me the features of this woman as well as what she is wearing.
I'm sorry..I hope I'm making sense with it...Its really terrifying to think that my 15 year old daughter is going through this. She also has extreme anxiety where she can't go out to certain places and I really want the home to feel safe for her.

Can anybody please help me?

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