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Why would lacking a Divine purpose mean that we are "meaningless entities"? Can't we lack the purpose, as bestowed upon us, and still make meaning for ourselves? What if the Divine mission is to make meaning for ourselves?

I believe that the main obstacle that individuals face is the idea that they are here to serve someone else's purpose. If you go with Christianity, you get people talking about how "God has a plan" and "God will lead you". If you go with Buddhism, you have a mission to attain enlightenment. These are just examples, but one thing is clear: There is a set mission that all individuals must aim to achieve, by the end.

Humanity has a inalienable right of liberty. Not the concept of political liberty, but philosophical liberty. This type of liberty is tied to the concept of free will, and rubs against deterministic ideals. You can choose your own path in life. There are neigh-limitless goals to make and achieve, in your life. Your own limitation being the physical constraints of our material universe. When people say "God has a plan", they are relegating your freedom to the will of a being (divine or not). It strips our inalienable liberty, and tells us that we have to live for the plans of others. Our own aspirations become second to the wants and needs of others. Not much unlike the platitude "Either work to achieve your dreams, or work to help build up someone else's".

Thus, it is my contention that there is no "Divine Mission" for the individual, or even humanity. The very nature of such a mission would go against the claims that God had given us our own freedom of choice and action. It seems as if there was something mixed-up in translation, should it be the case that people believe we have to conform to these standards.

Lastly, there isn't anything meaningless about being an entity that must make their own way/purpose in the universe. The power of will is that we can move to achieve whatever goal we wish. We make meaning for ourselves. The only reason why external "missions" are created is because some people do not have the force of will to make their own way. They are too afraid about the chance of losing. It cripples them. They can't fail, if they never try. If they follow the mission of others and fail, they don't care as much. Also, failure for others can lead to discipline by others, which ends up correcting bad behaviour that doesn't help achieve the other person's dream. These people would rather take chastisement by others, than chastise themselves to achieve what they want.

It's a shame...Sad

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