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Calling all Empaths and Psychics
I am new to this site and have never shared this information with anyone aside from my fiancé. Mostly because I’m not sure if I am crazy or this is all real. 

Since I was a child I have had “premonitions”. They don’t happen often, once or twice a year maybe. For example, when I was 9 my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She had been having migraines for two years and about six months before before  was diagnosed I told her and my father she had cancer. As a 9 year old old Im not even sure I knew what Cancer was. Around the same time I also told my dad my childhood dog would pass away in May, he did. 

More recently, my fiancé and I had a severe fire in our house and days before I had crippling anxiety and a strange urge to move. So much so that I was scheduling appointments with landlords to view apartments.

Lastly, I feel as if I am overwhelmed with emotion in large groups of people and I feel like I can sense people who are giving off strong energies and emotions.

I suppose I’m just looking for opinions on what these things may mean. Thank you all.
I don't like large groups of people neither. Too much in the atmosphere at the moment. Clams me up.
[Image: space.gif]
When I was younger I used to get 'flashes' once in a while - one or two second image of... something. It always felt weird when I would get it. And then it would happen later on some future date. I wrote it down once with as much information as I could remember. It happened about six months later. I still get them every rare once in a while. Wish it would give me the lottery numbers.
Here you will know far better yourself

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