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What was this?
Hello there. 
I had an experience a few years back. I am unsure what it was exactly and why I have after effects. Maybe someone here knows something to help explain it. 

So, an old (no longer) friend of mine claimed to have control over a demon. I am spiritually sensitive and was feeling like some negative thing/energy/being was around me. My friend sent his "demon" to help. I felt aware of its presence, right next to me on my right side. The demon touched me, I think. I felt a sharp but not cutting poke on my arm. I started to become silly, almost drunk. Then I felt a warmth spread through my lower back and swirling sensations. I was laughing and enjoying it. 

When I mentioned that he had touched me to my friend, the friend got upset. I felt the demon leave and became stupidly needy for him, heartbroken that my friend would take him away. I begged for him to come back. My friend demanded that I think about something else. The tie slowly loosened and I was regular me again. 

Since then, when I think about him, the demon, I start to feel those same feelings, to a lesser degree, but they are there. And...I will admit, I miss him and desire contact. Which I'm not sure is possible. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope to gain some insight.
First of all hello and welcome to the forum

Secondly, I don't think it's a demon that your friend has. It probably is a strong entity, but not a demon. I assume it's either your friend told you it's a demon so it'd be heard to be something cool, or he simply just didn't know how to call it.

And, if I didn't read you wrongly, you wish to said you were getting attached to it after your friend sent it to help you, and so now you missed it, correct? Don't.

Nothing is free in this world, including in this kind of matter. If that thing really is attached to your friend for him to call it as his own, it only means that he paid for it already. So it's not really surprising if then he pissed when you told him that it seemed to be attracted to help you-perhaps more than it should have been. And it returned to him on his command, because it has been bound by a contract with him. He paid for it, it's his, not yours to command.

If you want it, then the only way you can have it is by telling your friend that you want it for yourself, and if you two can agree on this matter, you pay him in exchange of the, well, 'demon'. Then the 'demon' is going to be free to follow you-as it's going to be yours now.

My suggestion, forget it. I doubt it's going to be that easy. Trust yourself that you'll be fine on your own, even without having it by your side.

My opinion only, hope it helps. Sorry for the bad English, btw.
That sounds like is an energy entity/avatar rather than a demon. Demons cannot be controlled by us humans. This is why they are demons in the first place as they aren't of this world to begin with.

Energy entities or avatars can be projected by one's self to produce euphoria as the energy is pure. Although, with all things, it can only affect one person at a time which is why your friend got jealous and took it back because it stopped feeling euphoric for him. Be careful with people like this, as they can produce positive avatars, they can and will produce negative avatars too which can appear to be demonic but actually isn't.
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