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Would anyone be willing to help me with a big problem I've been facing for quite sometime now? Preferably someone knowledgeable with demons. Thank you!
There are a lot of different demons. There are even some spirits that could seem to be demons but aren't. Are you sure you're dealing with a demon?

Also, could we get a mod to swap this over to the proper forum? There's one set aside for demons and things. You should be careful to look at what forum is meant for what subject matter. Smile Nothing too big a deal, as it's your first post.
Yr probably gonna have to provide a few more details about what you’ve been experiencing if you want any useful advice.  For instance, what makes you think yr dealing with a demon?  As K-Ra said, there are many different types of demonic seeming presences.  If yr thinking the standard Christian demon, maybe I can help you narrow it down a bit.

Demons, in standard Christian canon, cannot interact with the physical world in any way without an ‘invitation,’ of sorts.  This would generally be done with a Ouija board, a séance, something like that.  The demon will pretend to be a loved one or some other, non-threatening sort of spirit, like a child.  I’m not entirely sure what a demon might consider an ‘invitation’ but if you aren’t in the habit of trying to contact the spirit realm, whatever is causing you problems should not be a demon.

Even if you invite a demon into yr life, the only way it can interact with our reality is through possession.  It can’t flick lights on or off, move things around, talk to you or put thoughts in yr head.  If yr hearing voices or seeing creepy children in the mirror, that’s not a demon.  It’s something else.
I’m no expert, but demonic possession is extremely rare, and I imagine that if you were possessed by a demon, you wouldn’t be in any condition to reach out on our forums.
Personally, I’m not entirely certain I believe in ‘shadow creatures’ or ‘aliens’ or any of that stuffs.  I’m not saying they don’t exist, I’m just saying I don’t have enough information to formulate an informed opinion.  I do, however, believe in spirits… ghosts, nature spirits, souls… Maybe the phenomena yr experiencing could be attributed to something of that nature.

Or, you could have gnomes in yr cupboards, for all I know.  It all comes down to the details of what’s going on.  If you’d care to share a bit more, I’m sure someone here could help you, at least, figure out what yr dealing with…

8 )
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We need more information.
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