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Re: Getting Desperate Update
I don't know if I updated you guys. If I did forgive me. About three years ago I came on this board because we were desperate. Things had gotten so bad and so violent we didn't know which way to turn. And moving was not an option. We did not pursue that show. I'm glad we didn't as we would have lost our anonymity.

A year ago a family member contacted two ladies from a paranormal group who are about 5 or 6 hours away. All they requested was gas money - $50.00. They came and cleared the house. The negative entities are gone or banned from our home. The first thing one of the ladies did when she entered the house was do a clearing on my mum. She was drawn to my mum and wanted her safe before we started. Doing the attic and main floor seemed easy for them but the basement was a different matter. Their rituals seemed uneventful and I had my doubts. I felt a little silly if I'm being honest. Until they got to the basement. Upstairs they went from one side of the house to the other within 15 minutes. The basement was about an hour. And they were zig zagging all over. If I stood in any one place too long the ladies would tell me very sharply to move. When it was done I knew something was different. Can't explain it but different. It seemed louder, brighter, the air was thinner and my anxiety was gone. I felt it before they said anything. We went back upstairs where mum made them some lunch and some food for their road trip home. I sat on the couch wondering what the hell just happened. Then the ladies told us what it was and what they had done. We walked on eggshells for a couple weeks wondering if the peace would last. It has. It's been a year and and nothing negative has happened. We still have some activity but it is just nonsense stuff. The house is saged regularly so most of the activity is quiet. I am so grateful these ladies came. And, they are only a phone call away. It is so nice not being afraid of your own home anymore. The cats are completely at ease and no more nightmares. There is still a that tiny bit of fear that it will get back in the house again. We owe so much to these ladies.
Good for you on your success. After reading all your other posts, what did they say it was?
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(03-21-2018, 04:18 PM)Vultyrex Wrote: Good for you on your success. After reading all your other posts, what did they say it was?
An old native entity who wanted us off his land. First time I've ever heard of this.

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