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Demon/Shadow Entity caught on camera
Hey guys. What's up.

I'm new to the forums. I wanted to post up this video I had taken in my home.
Now, I've been dealing with intense demonic oppression. It had started in November 2017 and the peak of the events had continued on until January 2018 before it finally began to calm down quite a bit. I would love to go into great detail here, but theres just WAY too much to tell. so I will provide a link to my post on Reddit for anyone who would like to read the full story. I assure you, it's extremely intense and was the most terrifying events to ever occur in my entire life.

And here is the video clip of the Demon/Shadow Entity.
(URL removed)

you'll notice on the wall to the left, where there is a bit of light you'll see a strange swirling shadow type of thing for a second than abruptly vanish and at that exact moment the Shadow Entity darts across the floor from the right going left and behind the couch that im sitting down on.

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