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Red orb looking thing
So this have happened to me several times now, and I joined this group in a desperate attempt to get answers, or talk to somebody who have been through the same.

I wake up in the middle of the night, and right next to me, no more than 40 cm, is a floating red ball. It's not just a round ball, it is more like a ball of treads, thick treads like worms. 

In the beginning I was terrified, had trouble going back to sleep.. now I see it, look at it for a couple of seconds then I go back to sleep.

Anybody have any answers, or are experiencing the same...?
What does it do?

Kinda sounds like an egg of some sort.
[Image: space.gif]
It does nothing. It's just there.
And other things have started to happen after it showed up.
I hear things moving around in my attic, and it's so small up there you can't stand tall.
I hear footsteps comming up the stairs and then just stop with my door, but no one is there. My cats also reacts to it.
I recently had to sleep in my living room because I had guests, and then the hallway light started to turn on and off. Not just flickering, it was on for at lest two second before turning of again. And it kept doing that throughout the night.
But the one thing that really gets me scared is the orb, because everything else I can sort of rationalise in my head ? but not that.
Sounds interesting, for sure. Maybe you can try getting a picture next time. I've seen orbs out of the corner of my eyes, only. If you don't feel threatened, maybe just wait and see if it stops. I was just reading a bit online, and apparently many people have had an experience similar to yours.
You might want to read about parasomnias, parasomnias occur when you have an abrupt, partial awakenings, such as confusional arousals. The one common factor you describe is being in bed.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
When I was a little girl I was in terapi for sleep paralyses, which seems to be similar to that. I used to have horrible night terror of tall shadows coming in to my room. I even woke up bruised from it. But I found peace with it, because it's most likely self inflicted by fear.
But this is different, or it feels very different. The first times I saw it I was sure it was my eyes not fully awake, but it's not.

And Nix, where did you find people with similar experience? I have been looking. Please send me the link, I would love to get in contact with somebody...
It now sounds like you're suffering from Hypnopompic Hallucinations. It's where you are awaken abruptly from sleeping and due to your constant night terrors, hypnopompic hallucinations appear because your mind is still in a dream state but you are in the midst between just waking up and fully awake. It allows you to hear and see things that your mind creates through the dream process. In fact, if you keep seeing the same object over and over, it's just because you're so expecting to see it there that your mind is made up that you're going to see it regardless.

I suffer from hypnopompic hallucinations from time to time but it isn't hard to figure out what's real and what's dreamlike. Remember this, if it doesn't cause harm in any way, then why be afraid of it?
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Maybe. Probably. I will try to get a picture, I understand it's hard to believe with no kind of evidence
Truthfully, I am not holding my breath for the picture because if it's what I think it is, we won't see anything.
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