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Paranormal Stuff Happening to my Boyfriend PLEASE HELP
Did you actually hear the beeping noise? Because to me it sounds like a classic hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucination and neither of you got up to look at the console or check to see if something fell.

What time of day did he go to the church? Was it still snowing? Keep in mind sounds can sound different because of the snow, the music and banging could have been further away than he though. Shadows and snowfall could distort what is being seen.
If your boyfriend is stressed or experiencing hormonal changes, it could well be psychokinesis. He just may be doing this all himself without realizing it. Try some research on PK phenomenon. The street light thing makes me think this could well be the issue. Also research SLIders. Mostly street lights go off as they are approached but they can come on too.

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