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help needed! Regarding the other half
Fot the past few years, the missis has been experiencing some very strange feelings. Long story short, September last year she had to move house due to a very unsettling feeling, and tbh, i witnessed this on a few occasions. Things moving, noises, really bad vibes. initially she started having the feelings and thoughts, it would sometimes change her mood. When she left the house, no issues. She moved into her new place October last year and felt absolutely fine... until recently. Shes been getting these feelings back, not just in her house, but everywhere she goes now. My auntie whos a medium came to the house and could instantly feel something. She seems to think my other half has some sort of gift, i the way she can sense and possibly contact whatever is around. The next part, its scaring her to death to the point of no sleep, severe anxiety and feeling of daunt wherever shes goes. Question is, can she block this out or does she have to accept the fact she has a sixth sense so to speak. She really doesnt want this feeling anymore. Anyone else had this exeprience?
She needs to sit down and write out what she feels, her concerns, and her fears. From there you should know what the focus on what to handle. How to handle it would be how important it affects your life, and the need or want aspect.
[Image: space.gif]
Hello! I am a spirit worker, psychic. Let me start by saying that she may very well have a gift. People who are more psychic shine like a bright light on the other side, they attract restless spirits. So her moving will not help her, they will follow or new ones will show up. One thing she needs to start doing is cleans her space with sweet grass, sage, or flicking salt water around while saying this prayer and visualizing a white light " Only love, light, and gooodness may enter here, only my spirit guides and gaurdians may enter here, all others must leave now!"
This will make all the negative ones that cause mood swings leave the area.

Love and Light

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