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Lucid Dreaming
I find lucid dreaming interesting. The simple fact that you are aware that you are dreaming and can start doing whatever you want within your dream if you don't wake up. I've only lucid dreamt a few times in my life and last night was the last time. It felt great! I've forgotten how real some dreams can feel when you want it to. You can get rather creative too and start conquering your realm with ease. 

Anyone else lucid dream as well?
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I've had a couple instances. However, my subconscious likes to do this thing, where it convinces me my dreams are real. So, I'm more likely to end up with dreams of hyper-realism, than lucid. I'd love to feel like an over-powered god, in a dream state. You could conquer everything.
Aye, I've had a ton of lucid dreams.
I use lucid dreaming as a base for Shamanic journeywork, or dreamwalking. I've used it in my practice for healing and therapuetic purposes.
I wish that I had more lucid dreaming... I also wish on the rare times that I do have lucid dreams that I had more control over them. Sad
About 20 years ago, I had one of my favorite lucid dreams. I also wanted more. Did a bit of reading on how to get more lucid dreams. While I don't remember much about that research (20 years ago, so gimme a break!) I do remember that one of the suggestions was to keep a dream journal, beside the bed if possible. You're supposed to write down your dream(s) as soon as you wake up, with as much detail as you can recall. I'm thinking that the point was you were then able to see connections between your dreams and daily life, so it helps you recognize the difference between the dreamscape and the waking world... which helps you more quickly recognize you're in a dream... allowing you to lucid dream. Something along those lines.

I did the dream journal, and it's kinda fun to go back and read some of those dreams. Even if I don't dream much anymore. =(

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