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People that are skeptic about anything and everything?
You have seen them before...doesn't matter if you capture an alien by the feet and bring it to their door....they will always work on debunking it and try proving it's a fake or some odd explanation. Why are some people chronic skeptics on everything? I wonder how many hard core skeptics will change their views on the paranormal this year with something crazy or incredibly strange incident happening to them! lol

Don't get me wrong...being skeptical is good and safe but still is it very logical to be skeptical about everything without studying things close enough ?
I think if someone did literally capture an alien by the feet people wouldn't be skeptics about it but since no one has, or if they have it's been debunked. That's not to say there are skeptics who feel they must defend their views like there are of believers. You mention logic and that's best left to KaelisRa to explain that away from you. Otherwise, UnR will come in as our notorious skeptic on the forum. Big Grin It's good to be a skeptic with an accurate sense of logic, very true!
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I'll let UnR field his reasons for why skeptics cling to debunking so much. I'll come back afterwards (or possibly just tomorrow) and make a good post. If you have any specific questions about the logic of it all, please ask away!
The key word is experience. People nowadays are so quick to claim they're haunted because their keys fell off the table without thinking what the cause really was or in UnR's quick deducing skills as a simple known physical/mental state of mind.

There are many claims that can be explained and answered through simple reasoning. However, there is that 1% chance where a story has a legitimate claim but with the online world that we all have gathered here in one place, there's that mountain of 99% bull to sift through before we even begin to come across that 1%. Most of the time, that 1% is overlooked.
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Walk into any church and ask about miracles. You'll get dozens of people that think they've experienced miracles and,maybe, after you do that in 100 churches, you'll find someone who really has experienced a miracle.

Ask about seeing angels, demons, ghosts, spirits, aliens, whatever and, same thing, you get hundreds of stories and, maybe one that is true/real.

If there is a possible, logical, natural, earthbound explanation, that's more likely than anything supernatural, paranormal, alien, Heavenly, etc...

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