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Evil spirits are attracted to abandoned and rotting places?
Is this probably true? I always get bad vibes from decaying and abandoned homes,buildings,factories and even abandoned shopping malls. Are these places ideal for negative spirits ?
Anything creepy and slightly unsettling gives off a "bad vibe" imo. Abandoned places fall perfectly in that category for most people.
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Chev's right. You can get a bad vibe off of anything. However, that doesn't mean that everything that gives you a bad vibe could house a spirit. By and large, your bad vibe is generated through the filter of your entire life. Certain points in your history could lend themselves to making an abandoned shopping mall feel ominous. Yet, for another person who doesn't have your past, the mall just down. No bad vibes, no nothing.

If any place is going to house spirits, I feel as if the place itself needs to have a past that lends it to housing spirits. For instance, a psychiatric hospital that used to torture its patients to death. I think we can all agree that a run down psychiatric hospital, minus the torture, would still be pretty creepy. But which one would you put your money on to hold spirits?
I don't think it's in the best interest for a spirit to ultimately try to creep you out in the best way by rattling doorknobs. You can thank the TV ghost evangelism series for making simple house noises synonymous with ghostly activity.
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