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Strange shaped light remembered from my childhood.
Hello all! I am new to this forum. I did't really know the best category to place this in but here goes.
I have always had a memory and fascination with the shape (not sure how many sides it had but made the shape more round)  of a polygonal oval and the color of it is a blue gray in color.
 I have vivid  memories of seeing ( when I was very young) a huge light in this shape and distinctive blueish gray color hue ...and it was on the outside of some large bulky structure..can't remember seeing a door of some sort. I remember it had some sort of humming electrical sound coming from the light itself..the light had to have been the size of a house stood on end! I also remember a feature of the light that was very had diamond style grid lines running all inside it. I know this sounds crazy but I saw this at night in what seemed to me to be a large clearing in a forest..there were trees all around and behind this object. I told my brother in law about this and he just laughed and said...ahhh man I think what you saw was one of those blue bug zappers! But why was I alone in that rural place at night mesmerized by that light..and it was huge! The light seemed to pulsate and was a part of something mechanical in nature and big ! I am not so much asking what you think ( cause I sure as hell don't know what I saw) I saw...but more like has anyone else remembered some strange image such as this that has caused you to be fascinated to know what it means..colors,shapes,numbers,people,beings,places ect. ? This had to have taken place in probably 1978 or 1979..i would have been very young at that age.
This is most likely a memory you have of something fascinating you saw when you brain's function was still developing. I have memories similar to your reminiscing but of different shapes and sounds.
[Image: space.gif]

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