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Mystery of my life
So I have paranoid schizophrenia all the symptoms of a physic seen good and bad. Came face go face with demons in human form trying to take me to hell and lived. Pray to jesus constantly. Parents discourage religious things. Recently saw wings on my back in bathroom. Also undead eyes in my own eyes I just said stop you are scaring me and it went away. Angels I know are a soldier my two grandpa's Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Recently had vision that I was switched at birth memories surfaced of infanthood. Really good memory long term here short term is bad. Anyway vision was that I have two tribal names Algonquin and Cherokee. Angelwing and Azure. Also the name Jessica Linda Johnson came to mind. Saw shadow of men with butterfly wings came up with this. You see a butterfly you see beauty you see a shadow you see a moth. Now have wide view of Christianity. Also pretty sure parents intend me harm they know morse I learned it on my own prison morse. The people in hospital were people I knew from real life. It's like the world wants to help me but they are fighting against a powerful enemy. Found out right before hospitalization last summer my dad served in desert storm he a sargent but always said he was a medic growing up masters in science biochemistry and zoology. My to a died three months after my brothers wedding to a African American lady first in our family. My to a did not attend died Jan 15 last photo taken on my birthday fyi new years eve. It was Martin Luther King day this year on anniversary of his death.

I feel like one guy protects me but keeps his distance. I have learned many things like what colors mean flower I think it is some sort of code. 
Lavender is healing this white beautiful flower is resurrection flower.
Lilies poison against enemy.
Red is love
Also enemy in American. 
White is Jesus silver and gold are presidential blue is god or officer. This guy comes at night but never admits to it. look up people in hospital with me they were from my hometown. Including family I had been told had died. That side of family disowned my mom and dad and me my brother long time ago. Long story short my dad hurt a lot of people. Rage and drinking he quit but still raged for years.

I guess answer to mainly wings. I saw wings on my back in bathroom mirror white feathery. I feel them flapping them flapping can control  them mainly just feel them on my back. I remember one hospital visit I was told i get mg own wings. Just thought in my mind that are not my own. Also adam and eves garden.
Rain is gods tears lightening gods sword thunder and wind gods voice tornado hurricane earthquake gods anger. Flowers in garden need protect garden hummingbirds protect need hawks and falcon are protectors eagle is presidents or high rank in world. Robins mothers sparrows small fighters. Leopard and jaguar and lion panther and cougar and tiger based off personality or rank in world. Tiger is army or warrior.
Yellow is holy light or presidential. 
White is Jesus
Blue god or officer
Red love or enemy
Orange lust pink affetion purple poison or healing
Aayway advice on how to deal with abilities with a diagnosis.

Thoughts on it. Could God be actively speaking to me?
In your first line you said you have schizophrenia. I would start there and go to a psychiatrist. At best a church organization that will help but I strongly suggest professional help.
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I agree with Chevleia. If your sentence from the outset is "I have schizophrenia", you should go see a doctor. And maybe an editor, or at least get to know how the bbcode works Smile That is some wack font sizing there.
I am seeing a dr was typed on phone.
Asking for spiritual advice. Regarding seeing wings on my back.
Just delete this thread
Why does this look like you just used the 3 random word generator on a smartphone's keyboard to type this up?
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There's a certain order to the way you need to go about doing things. If you have a known pre-existing condition that could lead to the many things you claim to see (such as the wings on your back), you first need to determine that it is not the pre-existing condition that is causing you to see them. If you can ensure that, then we can help work things out. Until that point, there's always a step 1. Your step 1 is to go to your Dr. and figure out whether or not what you have is under control, and what you are seeing there is while you are lucid.
Never mind the fact is that I actually have schizophrenia and it doesn't really do all what you're saying it's doing.
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