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Anyone ever ran into a spirit entity named abbraxas? Haven’t used it in 4 months this thing is hard to shake off
An abraxas is an ancient charm, or piece of jewelry, believed to have magical powers.  At the advent of Gnosticism, they co-opted the name for their own purposes.  According to the non-profit website, Abraxas is the "Mystical term used by the Gnostics to indicate the supreme entity of our cosmic hierarchy or its manifestation in the human being which they called the Christos.”  So, basically, to Gnostics, Abraxas is God and Jesus.  I guess.  I should prolly defer to our resident Gnostics here.

*Hey yo, Ascension… help a girl out, will you?  What do you know about this Abraxas guy?*  

Beyond that?  Abraxas is a fictional ‘demon’ commonly named in supernatural literature, comic books, video games and that sort of thing.  Kinda like the ‘Necronomicon,’ a book which only exists in the stories of HP Lovecraft.

I’m afraid that’s the best I can do without more information.  I hope it was of some help…
8 )
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Oh ok so this spirit thing is just messing around then it’s had like 5 different names I don’t even play video games but cool the ouija gave me a final fantasy spirit hahahah

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