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Father's spirit still home
My father passed away in June 1997 in his sleep.  I had to break into his house because he was not answering his phone and discovered his body lying on his bed.  I will never get that vision out of my mind.  I was traumatized.  Anyway, fast forwarding, I was the sole heir and in 2003 I eventually sold his house to a man who wanted to use it as a rental.  I found out years later that he rented it to a girl who had a young child.  In a strange coincidence (or maybe not?), in 2011 I was working at a local hospital in the ER as a registrar, and this young lady comes in with her sick daughter.  It was my job to get all pertinent information about patients' insurance, mailing address, etc.  When this girl gave me my dad's address I almost hit the floor.  I told her that was the house I grew up in and asked her how she liked living there.  

She proceeded to tell me that since she moved in there had been some strange things happening.  Things like hearing footsteps going up and down the stairs, noticing smells of cigar smoke (my dad used to smoke them), and things mysteriously moving around, like poltergeist activity.  She told me that most of things happen in one specific bedroom, and that was my dad's room!  I knew the house wasn't haunted before that time as I lived there growing up, and would go visit my dad from time to time and noticed nothing strange.  So I told her the history of the house and about my dad and she invited me to come out for a visit.  

This was in 2011, and I still have not been able to make myself go back to that house.  My cousin lives next door and she has told me that the same girl is still living there to this day.  But every time I think about going I get very nervous and anxious, and my stomach gets tied up in knots.  

So what I'm wondering is...what do I do if I ever do get the courage for a visit?  Should I try to communicate with my dad's spirit?  Should I tell him it's okay to leave, or to go into the "light"?  This has bothered me for a very long time and I'm not sure what to do about it.  Any advice is much appreciated.
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If it has bothered you for quite some time, I do not see the harm in returning to your childhood home to find a sense of closure with your father. Regardless of whether or not said events indeed occurred, I think you could benefit from the experience and move forward with a clean state of mind. If you do gather the courage and go, tell him it's okay to "leave" or go into the next world. Will this solve all of the paranormal occurrences? Maybe, maybe not. However, I do believe you will leave feeling better than you did going into it.
Best Wishes
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That's quite a story and I enjoyed it. I agree with what Chevleia said. You need to visit and find some closure with your father. He's obviously got some unfinished work to do and it's up to you to find out what it is.
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Don't be surprised when you do visit the house. You're in a familiar place and memories will flood back to you, causing other mental images to flood back with them. You will probably have little glimpses of your past and maybe vividly remember voices or other sounds.

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Thanks everyone for your advice! I'll let you know, once I've gone out to the house, how things went. To be perfectly honest my heart really isn't into this. But you're right, it might be a good thing to finally have closure. I'm not sure when it will be, but I'll eventually work up the courage to go. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!
I agree with the community. If you had an estranged relationship with your dad I completely understand your apprehension. However,when you do decide to visit your old home,I believe you'll be surprised at the peace you'll feel. And I recommend going with a friend. Best Wishes!

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