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Am i causing my own haunted activity??
Ok... will try and keep this concise but its been going on for a year now and really after some views.
My (now ex) boyfriend had some really nasry spirit in his home before we moved in together .. doors slamming, loud thumps through the floor and it just "felt" wrong. When he moved in with me .. and i had no activity at all before, all was quiet until we went to a spiritual church one night. After that we both then lived with a really active and negative spirit.. hidibg objects, moving items, sound of footsteps etc. Long story short we got 2 priests in and for the past few months all has settled. Recently though items have started going missing again never to be seen again which happened a lot before. The situation at home is very tense.. were going through a breakup, arguibg lots, im pregnant. Plus ive always sensed he has a dark energy about him .  Plus he has some mental health issues. Im now wondering if our own energies have caused this paranormal activity .. is that possible? Hes moving out in 2 weeks and i have a feeling everything will stop once this happens
Thanks guys x

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