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getting stronger?? if so what is to come?
i know this is an odd place to put this because it crosses into multiple categories, but i have a few questions.

1st question.  in the last year anyone with any kind of energy control(whether it be a healing ability or to take energy) 1 what do you feel and can you feel it "flowing" through you. 2 has it gotten worse or stronger as of late within the last 3-4 months?

2nd question have any of you noticed a gain in your sight? third eye (for instance if you see auras or spirits, to some degree even telepathy in this department) if so is it a spike in the in the sight or more like a wave happening gradually?

i think these are the only 2 questions i have at the moment but ill probably think of more over the next week, either pm me directly or reply to this thread either way i would love to hear from you. if only 1 question applies to you respond with the corresponding number thanks.
As I look through the eyes of my mortal body, I continue to see with the immoral eyes that I have already owned.

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