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My Haunted history.
In my previous post i spoke of my encounter with a dark entity that damn near scared me to death, and i said i'd never encountered a negative one before. That wasn't exactly true,, What i meant was i'd never encountered one like that as an Adult. When i was about 7, i started hearing noises at night  that sounded like footsteps coming up the stairs and along the hallway, in the morning i told my Mother and she passed it off as it being the house settling as it cooled down, so i would go to bed and try to ignore it,, But then it got louder and more frequent, so i told my Mother again and asked for a lamp in my room because she always closed my bedroom door at night, but she wouldn't let me have one and said it would cost too much to leave on all night (My parents didn't have much money back in the 1970's) so i went to bed with my torch in my hand and started sleeping with my back to the wall and my head under the covers. Then one night things changed, i heard the footsteps come up the stairs and along the hall and stop outside my room, then my door opened and through the thin bed sheet i could make out a dark outline of a person, so i thought it was either my Mother or my Father, so i threw off the sheet and shon my torch at the door,, but to my surprise their was no one there. So i got up and checked the hallway thinking they had either gone past or turned around, but my parents were still asleep in bed. I didn't get much sleep that night and told my Mother in the morning, and she said i must of been either dreaming or sleep walking.
These experiences went on for some months until one night the entity walked up to my bed and pushed down on the covers with it's face, to which my response was to scream and wet the bed, and i wet the bed nearly every night for the next 2 years. I would run into my parents bedroom and ask to sleep with them and sometimes my Mother would let me, but if my Father heard me he would shout at me to go back to bed, so i would either go back and take off the bed sheets and clean them, or sleep on the floor of my Mothers side of the bed. You see my parents didn't believe in ghosts or the supernatural, they just thought it was a phase i was going through and i would grow out of it, but it went on for so long and even resulted in me getting up the next day after only perhaps 2 or 3 hours sleep, and having marks on my arms or legs where it had grabbed me, and my parents would pass it off as me being clumsy and banging into things. My school work suffered and would regularly fall asleep in class, And my teachers would say i was lazy and always daydreaming so my parents would be called up to the school and they would be told i was Not Applying myself or even trying to join in class activities, and then when i got home later i would get punished by my Father with either a slap or a whack with his belt, till it got to the point where i stopped being as scared of the entity as i was of upsetting my Father..........

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