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Robber gone without a trace
This happened to me in autumn 2012. At the time I did not consider it at all paranormal, just really weird, but thinking back about it I thought it would make an interesting story to share either way.

I was staying in a rooming house in Ottawa with my then girlfriend. Our room was one of three rooms on the tiny third floor plus a bathroom and small kitchen. 

It was about 2am and we were sleeping. Suddenly I woke up with a very creepy feeling. I opened my eyes and there standing in the door way was a black guy just looking at us. I shouted "what the $%@#", my girlfriend woke up and screamed and I jumped out of bed and grabbed a baseball bat that had been left in the room by a previous tenant. He immediately turned and ran and I ran after him. I was pretty fast I was at the door in less than two seconds from when I'd woken up. 

The staircase down to the second floor was long, about 20 steps, steep and had a closed door at the end of it. There was no way he could have made it down the stairs in that time let alone without making any noise so I looked toward the rear fire escape but he wasn't there either, I double checked by looking down the fire escape. I then searched the bathroom and kitchen because I assumed that he was hiding. I never found him, it was like he had vanished. It is impossible that he could have run down the stairs and opened the door without it making a noise and theres no way he could have jumped down from the fire escape from the third floor and been fine. The other bed rooms were locked. 

At the time it really freaked me out but I went back to sleep. Locked the door from then on! The weird thing of course is that if you were a robber you would not think to sneak all through a house (with like 12 people living there) to the third floor in order to rob someone. Nor would you think there would be anything of any value to steal from someone living in a rooming house like that.
Yeah, that's real creepy/unsettling. I had a similar experience, but I was at home alone and watching a movie. They are not fun experiences to have.

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