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Did a Ghost pass by me or through me?
Did a Ghost pass by me or through me?
My wife & I have both individualy had "paranormal experiences" since moving into our current house 9 years prior; but within the last 3mos or so these P.E.'s have dramatically increased in both occurrences & in their severity. (No need to get into any specifics of the aforementioned encounters for they have no significance in the question[s] at hand) So,  about 2 hours ago @ 7:15pm CST, my 2yr old Miniature Schnauzer started shivering uncontrollably while looking from the Living Room/Hallway threshold which also looks upon 1 of the 2 possible entrances to our Dining Room. His attention seemed to be focused on what's best explained as a very slow moving hypnotic moth about 6.5ft off the ground. Both my wife & myself were lost in a re-run of The Big Bang Theory when we witnesed our frightened canine. I immediately get up to investigate. Upon reaching the hallway I thought I saw "something" in my peripheral moving in our Dining Room. About the same time I approached the open doorway leading from the hallway into the Dining Room, my wife was coming up next to me. That's when "it" happened alnost instantaneously.
Every hair standing on ends, entire body in extreme goosebumps, my vision became hazy-like, had a noticeable ringing in my ears, I couldn't move too well, when I tried to talk my facial muscles temporarily reminded me of being out in the cold for a while where the muscles around my mouth felt heavily restricted; slightly limiting my ability to converse, I became very dizzy (almost like when you stand up way too fast sometimes), a heaviness encompassed my entire body, a nauseous pressure in my abdomen that was oddly euphoric, I wasn't scared nor calm & lastly, the air around me felt 20-30°F cooler while my insides felt 10°F warmer. Although it seemed like an hour, the duration of entire experience lasted approximately 10-15 seconds. I then looked over at my wife as soon as normality ensued & was greeted with an expression which told me I wasn't the only one who had "felt" that plethora of spontaneous sensations. But as an Analytical Engineer, I know that an explanation by a third party can be easily coerced or manipulated just by vocalizing similar accounts and/or experiences. So upon returning to the Living Room, I asked my wife to write down everything she could remember about the "P.E." we just had along with how it made her feel. I did the same. We then compared notes to one another and every single thing I had felt... So had my wife; for the exception of her feeling extremely calm where I had felt neither calm nor affraid. But nevertheless, we both then knew it was a ghost we came across but that reaches the extent of our knowledge. We are very curious, to say the least, as to whether the said ghost only passed right by us or had it successfully passed completely through the both of us? Please no rude remarks. Thanks for reading this lengthy question. And any URL links to similar cases and/or their explanation will gladly suffice. Please participate in the attached "Pole Question" also. Again, we thank you.
Sounds like some form of energy went through you. At first you were experiencing some sort of fear paralysis and then the initial energy starting to move through which is why you felt coldness. Heat is considered a form of energy so it used up the heat in your general area to move through. It's quick and easy to say it's a ghost because it's a plausible answer but without further investigation, it's still unknown but something is clear that happened to you both and your dog.
[Image: space.gif]
As Vulty said, it's quick and easy to call it a ghost. By many people's ambiguous definition, this very well could have been a ghost. While investigation would be favourable, even ideal, there isn't a whole lot to go and investigate. On the matter of ghosts, the most we can logically argue is some type of relationship with energy. However, that doesn't necessitate that they are. This means that you might find something, but there is also a very likely (some might argue more likely) chance that you will not be able to find anything else.

As with anything, you have a choice. The first: Leave your house. I know it's your house of 9 years, but you've had this problem since you moved in. When that happened, you should have stayed the minimum and sold. You can still sell now.

The second choice: Obviously, you don't read into this with any feeling of dire threat. If it has been happening for 9 years and you're still there, there wasn't any severity to the encounters. That being said, you can manifest more severity. A lot of the time, these kinds of things might be sporadic and impossible to anticipate. Even if you could, there's a chance that levels would be too weak for accurate and verifiable measure. You need to ramp it up.
There are many things you can do to antagonize a spirit. Depending on which it is, you can appeal to it's least favoured thing. If you ramp up the encounters, you can increase the chance of accurate measure. Furthermore, you can begin to develop a behavioral profile of the being. This is important, because if you can measure something, and then attribute certain behaviours to it, you can attain a fairly high tier of evidence.

The last choice: Many people will likely say to never do what I detail in the second choice. This could be because of belief of these things existing -- in an objective sense -- and, as such, you are aggravating something that can truly harm you. You end up with a final choice. You can stop looking into it, as even looking into it might aggravate the situation. You can opt to simply co-exist together. This can be accomplished by accepting that it resides where you are, and you don't care. You can also just tell yourself that it doesn't exist, and coincidence rules the day.

My recommendation: Go with option 1, unless you're willing to tell yourself it doesn't exist. Even if you accept it and continue to live there, there are many different ways this can play out, simply because anything can spark a different behaviour in it. Assuming it is real, staying puts you at the whim of something of which you can't be sure is safe. That's a position of weakness.

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