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Warning/coincidences/poltergeist mischief??
There are two separate but overlapping threads in this story and I'll try not to jumble things up too much. Since about 1995 I've lived in various houses where I have experienced poltergeist type activity such as objects moving/appearing/disappearing. In the first house (where the most activity occurred) I was living with my teenage son who was very troubled and we put it down to that. We weren't spooked by it and indeed found it quite amusing if puzzling.

Since then we (and later I on my own) have lived in a number of places and experienced some, but limited, activity. It is in my current home that the DOP has become the main activity. The first time I was on holiday and when I got back my cleaner told me that she had been cleaning in one room and couldn't find the lid for her can of polish and didn't find it until she was leaving and there it was, on a coat hook by the door! She knew nothing of poltergeists or DOP but eventually accepted it as just something we couldn't explain. A few more things happened to her - another polish lid disappeared in my house (and never has been found) and her lunch bag disappeared from her car, though weeks later they found crisps from it (but not the bag itself) under the driving seat!
So we both thought the activity was more linked to her, rather than me or this house per se. It is now about 2 years later and I am being driven crazy by DOP activity, especially (though not exclusively) about my hearing aids. I don't need to wear them all the time, only when I'm in a group, so usually they live in a small leather pouch. The first time they disappeared I had been on holiday to Ireland and assumed I had left them in a drawer in my roomat the hotel, but on enquiring was told they weren't there, and they have never been found. Eventually I bought new ones.

Then about the middle of last year the right ear aid  disappeared and has never been found to this day, so I eventually (and grumpily!) bought a replacement for that which of course I treated like the crown jewels. This is where the two stories start to cross. I went on a New Year retreat at a Buddhist centre (more about that to come) and put my hand up to my ear during the first talk and realised the right hearing aid had gone!! Lots of people retraceds my steps but it wasn't found until the next day when I found it on my car passenger seat.
Big relief!! After the retreat it went back in its bag with the left one, but about a week later I couldn't find the bag where I thought it should be, then days later I found it in an unusual place. Now I'm 70 so beginning to wonder if I might have Disappearing Object Dementia, so when I found them I thought to myself - find somewhere to always keep them and make sure you can remember it and put them there every time. I chose a drawer in the kitchen and went through a bit of a ritual, tapping the bag then the counter top, then the drawer front several times to fix it in my memory.

Today I was planning to go to the Buddhist Centre again so went to get my hearing aids out of the drawer and to my utter disbelief and consternation they weren't there!! As I had with other things, I asked for them to be returned but they haven't been so far.
Right, so this prevented me going to the Buddhist Centre today but I'm beginning to see a pattern. On my way to the place at NY I got a punctured tyre for the first ever time and nearly had to go home as I have cataracts and not supposed to drive at night. However I eventually did get there (and lost one hearing aid as just described). Then I remembered that the previous NY, when I was going to the same Buddhist Centre my sat nav made a terrible noise and died en route, so I had to find my way with maps.
There have been two other instances in 2017 when I tried to go to things there and was prevented. The first time my new sat nav got me to the nearest village but I couldn't find the Buddhist Centre. The second time I did get there but started an unstoppable coughing fit after 10 minutes (during a meditation session) and had to leave and come home.
So if I've helped you to join the dots (which I'm only just beginning to do) there has been some occurrence to try and stop me going there the last 5 times I've tried. Is this a coincidence or is something else going on? Does some "force" know it's not right for me to go there - a place I love and have had nothing but good experiences with in the past (I have been going on and off for 6 years).
And what has the poltergeist/whatever have against my hearing aids? If I ever do find them (please say I will as it's costing me a fortune) I am going to write down in a notebook where I put them but there again, the notebook might disappear as well!!
First-off, it would be safe to claim that this isn't necessarily an isolated incident. If it's been happening, throughout your life, it would be safe to say that it's a latch. Obviously, something has been following you around. There are other explanations, though. For instance: If it isn't a latch, but they are spirits, then you are the unluckiest person on the planet. Bar none. However, if it isn't a latch, because spirits don't exist, then this could be a psychological issue that has been following you for years, and you simply haven't addressed it.

Here's an interesting story for you: I take a form of martial arts. We get together on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Every other night of the week, I'm fine and have no issues. However, when Tuesdays and Thursdays roll up, I find myself feeling a bit queasy. I might feel a bit under the weather. Sometimes, I just don't feel up to going at all. It's my favourite place. There, I get a good work-out, I feel great afterwards. I get to learn real interesting stuff and also how to defend myself. I have no problems with going, mentally. However, psychologically, I work myself up in such a way that I have physical manifestations for those moments.

Here's another interesting story: I play guitar. Once in a while, I will be playing and the pick, not even touching the string will just fly out of my fingers and be lost to me forever. I will also point out that, while shaggy carpets are the bane of guitarists everywhere, I have hard-wood flooring. Yet still, without fail, the moment the guitar pick leaves my fingers and falls to the floor, it is lost forever. We can go through hundreds of picks a year, just for practice. They aren't as expensive as hearing aids, but you understand what I'm getting at.

If it is a latched spirit, which could be possible, there are ways to discover it and deal with it. You just need to determine whether or not it is first.

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