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Ouija ghost story from my sister in law
My brother had his wedding up at our cottage. At night we had a campfire and people told some ghost stories. My sister in law told a story that one time she had been messing with a ouija board. It had creeped her out a little and she put the board away and went to take a shower. When she got out of the shower, the ouija board was sitting right in the middle of the bathroom. There wasn't anyone else home. That story really spooked me out because she is a very atheist skeptical person and at the time I didn't believe in ghosts really. It was before I had any supernatural experiences of my own. Now that I have experienced things I really have no doubt that the story she told was true.

It makes me think of the Phillip Experiment

Which probably deserves it's own thread if there isn't one already. Basically the experiment was to see if peoples own psychic abilities could create the effects of a ghost during a sceance. The mind creating an alteration of reality.
"An alteration of reality" seems like you are changing the make-up of reality. At most, it seems these people were utilizing forms of telekinesis. The issue with the Philip Experiment is that "Despite these claims neither apparition nor unexplained phenomena were documented". I can come up with an incredible story, add that to the end, and it could potentially be alleged real. That's not how verification of something happening works.

Using your sister-in-law's example, a number of explainable things could have caused it to happen. She could be lying. She could have physically done it herself, with knowledge of doing it or not. She could have been unaware that anyone else was home, and they could have taken advantage of that surprise. Of course, a spirit could have moved it, or she could have moved it with her own psychic powers.

The thing about being a devout atheist and skeptic is that these things can exist with or without your belief of them. It's like how, when you pull the covers over your head, the murderer can still kill you. If psychic powers are legitimate, I think it's perfectly reasonable that individuals could be the orchestrator of their own paranormal events.

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