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Its All Connected
What links creativity, conspiracy theories, and delusions? A phenomenon called apophenia.
In statistics, a problem akin to apophenia is a Type I error, or false positive. It means believing something is real when it isn’t, based on a misleading pattern in the data. The equal and opposite misstep, a Type II error, involves attributing a true relationship to chance. Defaulting to Type I thinking may have once conferred a survival advantage: Assume every rustle in the grass is a tiger, and you’ll last a lot longer than the carefree naïf who chalks each disturbance up to the wind. So,the theory goes, human brains evolved into “belief engines” and “pattern-recognition machines,” keen to organize jumbled sensory inputs into meaningful data. We are also expert detectors of conspiracies in random events, whispers in radio static, and the Virgin Mary in grilled cheese.
Interesting. And how did they come about this? Did they, perhaps, take experiential evidence and filter it through their own subjectivity, in order to determine patterns? That sounds an awful lot like apophenia!

Wait a minute! Human brains have evolved into "belief engines" and "pattern-recognition machines", but the application of those affinities toward inferior logic and intrinsically unverifiable evidence is supported by it being "healthy" behaviour? Sounds like science is starting to cherry-pick the instances that this can be applied. Sounds like "bad science" to me.

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