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YouTube: The Rise of Urban Exploring X > Paranormal
Now the ethics of trespassing on abandoned (or just closed/vacant) properties is a whole other topic. But last year there was a definite increase in adding paranormal touches to these Youtubers videos. This is rather typical, as urban exploring can become heavily dull after a while. So, of course these guys want to punch it up a bit.
However, if you have ever glanced at the fan bases on these channels, and seen how these Youtubers interact with their fans, you'll notice that NO ONE is allowed to question or say #fake without some sort of revenge tactic. The fans can get a bit overly vigilante to the point they start bullying and shaming the rational thinker who's merely making an observation. It becomes a cult like frame of thinking in these groups.
This, in turn, discourages critical thinking skills, open-mindedness....basically brainwashed mass of people.
I have to wonder WHY???? Why are these people, who are obviously faking pretty much everything, trying to con people? And I'm not just talking about kids and teens, I'm talking 40, 50, 60 year olds, too.
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I'd say they hit that sweet spot in an audience like paranormal TV stars. If it works, why not keep doing it? Not that I agree entirely with them, just an idea of what they might be thinking.

I do like some urban explorers like Exploring with Josh, I don't watch his videos very often but the ones I do definitely are spooky without having to incorporate scary acting/effects. The history and walkthrough itself can do the job! He's also as respectful possible to the site and its location. (The ethics of trespassing, yeah very much a different topic!)
I also like Dan Bell, but he isn't nearly as focused on that aspect of his filmmaking. Love the Dead Mall Series!

There's no doubt in my mind many are following after the exploring abandoned site/perfect timing for "real" paranormal experiences to occur niche. And I've seen my fair share of terrible acting and editing. I really hope they don't ruin the entire exploring name/genre.
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