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Dreams that feel real
So over the course of the last few years, I have had weird dreams that not only feel so real, it paralyzes me and just weird for some reason I can't for the life of me figure out why. So it involves me running around a house avoiding and sneaking past some sort of entity. The most recent one has gotten me the most freaked out. I am in the basement of my grandpas house sneaking past whatever this thing is. then when I think im finally free from this thing it grabs me or chokes me. My wife woke mw up after about 20 mins of trying to wake me. She said I was screening and yelling adn swinging wildly as though I was trying to fight something off. Other times I can remmber is that it is the same enity that im trying to escape from. I am in a house that I have never been to but I some how know right where I am going at all times. When the enity finally gets to me I m always trying to fight it off.  This trend has happened more and more often and is really starting to freak me out. Deos anyone know what could be happening to me or at least give me a reason why I am having thiese dreams
*In before UnR pre-maturely claims sleep paralysis!*

Could you describe the entity? When I was younger, I used to have night terrors that ended up with me running around the house being chased by this ethereal assailant.
The entity as far as I can remember is is tall dark grey blackish with a fog around him/it. I just really remember the yellowish gold eyes.
I find it weird, as I've never seen or read anything scary. As a kid, my mother refused to let me get into any of that. However, the description of the guy that, essentially, haunted me was exactly like your's. How can two people, possibly a world apart, have a similar experience like that?! It astounds me Big Grin
They’re just dreams/nightmares. Why are you having them? I dunno. Think about what’s going on in your life, are you very stressed leading up to having these dreams? Any changes happening that you are worried about?
There is a spritual something that is either trying to attack you or...trying to work its way into your life to destroy it. You should pray and invite Jesus into the situation. Ask God to forgive you for your sins...and cleans you and your family of any wrong doing or sinful nature. Jesus has athority over every evil work.....and every demon. he will take care of it.

ask him to be your savior. he will protect you and guide you all throughout your life.
They very well could just be dreams/nightmares. It is still an interesting coincidence, when two unrelated people end up with the same details in a dream. As if the nightmarish individual itself is moving from person to person, instilling the fear and dread of death and the afterlife.

Part of the reason why I focus so much on determining a logical explanation for the paranormal is to see if these types of things can be proven, using conventional logic.

I don't know if that is necessarily required. I mean...I may have got to a baptist elementary school, but I sure didn't do everything you said. Sure enough, it all stopped happening anyways. So, there are a bunch of options for how to deal with this. No need to jump head-first into religion to resolve it.

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