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Can Science and Religion Co-Exist Peacefully?
Isn't a process and a method the same thing?
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Not at all. By and large, a process is really good at doing one specific thing. Logic is a process, because it governs the realm of argumentation and formal language. It is a collection of set parameters/rules used to resolve tasks specifically affected by logic.
A method is an approach that attempts to resolve general problems. Sometimes, the resolution could necessitate a certain process, in order to address a specific issue. However, it is a general frame-work, rather than a direct solution. Science is a method that the practitioners apply to any situation, in hopes of finding the specific process that could answer their questions.
The unfortunate part is that this usually ends up using inductive logic, rather than deductive. Inference is much less reliable, and much more subjective than deduction. Of course, quantum theory, and others of its ilk, aren't governed by inference (outside of the assumptions that had been made prior to engaging in theoretic deduction). There isn't anything able to be proven yet, necessarily. Thus, deductive logic is adopted to attempt to resolve their problems.
Jeez, I feel like I'm back in my formal logic class  ; )

For my part, deductive reasoning may be more reliable but inductive reasoning is much more fun.  

I also agree that science and religion are mutually exclusive fields.  The whole point of science is to prove something.  The whole point of faith is believing in something that can't be proven.  But there is no contradiction.  If you want to create a vaccine or figure out how far it is from here to Neptune, turn to science.  If yr going through harsh times and need comfort and support, turn to religion.  It's the people who try to force religion into the scientific realm, or science into the religious realm, who are causing the conflict.
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Exactly, you can't conflate the two. They both deal with two different things. However, I still stand by my claim that deductive logic is the only thing that can "prove" anything.

But inductive reasoning is a lot more fun...unless you lose a hand xD

Sorry for the formal logic feel. It's just that we're not just talking for the sake of being creative. A lot of people here are strong supporters of the idea that the paranormal is real and all around us. We have to take claims like that seriously.
Glad I subbed to this thread Big Grin Very interesting back and forth! Thx KaelisRa you said it well
 The woods are lovely, dark, and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. 
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Oh, don't apologize... I loved my philosophy courses  8 )
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Thanks, Chev!

Then, I guess we should keep the fun going, Mika. xD

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