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Andrea and Susan, My Little Spirit Friends
Early in 2017, I think sometime in late February, the spirits of two small children attached themselves to me. Mind you, I didn't know it at the time. I had no clue what was going on and was completely freaked out, with all the horror movies I've ever seen about ghosts and demons somehow now seeming possible or real. I did some research, sussed a few things out, but it wasn't until Easter that I became convinced that I fully understood what was going on.  They weren't demons or hostile spirits or anything like that... they were two little girls who just wanted to play. 

I only learned their names recently... Andrea a couple months past and and Susan not long after.  You may wonder how I know their names.  You may wonder how I know there are two of them.  And you may wonder how I know they're children.

The answer to the first is... well, they found a way to introduce themselves.  The answer to the second is that they found a way to tell me.  And the third?  Well, it all goes back to the last week of February...

*Note*  This is a 'cut and paste' of something I posted on Facebook back in February.  Many of these posts will be.  I'll try to be clear about when something is current and when something is not.

I was visiting my parent's house after work the other night and sometime around 11pm I realize I left my cellphone in my car.

For context, you should know that my parents live on the outskirts of a small town named R______. The nearest neighbor is half a football field to the left. They have a huge back yard, beyond which is a woods. To the right is a small woods and stream. On the other side of the woods is an abandoned farm. Across the street is a golf course that hasn’t been open for years and the only street lamp is three houses down to the left. So, generally speaking, it’s rather creepy to go outside after dark.

Still, it’s the 21st century and we can’t live without cellphones, so I turn on the porch light and make my way outside. Maybe ten paces outside the front door, I stop dead in my tracks.

Also for context, I should point out that… while I’m far from savage… I also rarely lose my cool. Calm and detached is kinda my thing. I have been held at gunpoint, robbed, dealt with bomb threats and once, I even had to call the police on a naked guy in my establishment who was intent on shaving his pubic hair in public.

Incidentally… totally not cools. It was lunch time and no one wants to see that while they’re eating.

So I head out the door and ten steps later, I stop dead in my tracks. Off in the the woods, louder than would be natural, I hear the sound of a small group of children laughing and giggling and shrieking with gleeful delight. This goes on for about 10 seconds, then just stops. It doesn't die down or fade out, it just stops. I stand immobile for another 5 seconds or so, seriously considering whether or not I should turn around and go back inside the house. Eventually, I force myself to my car, retrieve my cell phone and all but run back inside. 

For the life of me, I can't think of a rational explanation. No children live near my parents, so they couldn't have snuck out. No sane adult would drive a group of small children to a remote forest at 11pm on a school night and let them play in the woods without so much as a flashlight. And nothing could explain the volume and clarity to which I heard the children, at the distance the woods are from my parent's front door. Even the possibility than some teenagers were playing a prank is implausible... my parents are in their 70s and never go outside that late at night. No one would have any reason to be waiting for the opportunity to spook someone.

As absurd as it sounds, the only explanation I can think of is demon children. Or ghosts maybe. Still, 'demon children' has a nice ring to it.

That part might seem a bit flippant, but that laughter chilled me to the core.  I have always believed in ghosts, theoretically.  But when you actually experience this sort of thing?  It's different.  Andrea and Susan tried to get me into those woods that Tuesday back in February, and the next two consecutive Tuesdays... and when they failed to get me to come to them, they came to me...
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Would you be willing to volunteer what approximate part of the country where you live?

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

Ohio.  They live on the edge of two small towns... theirs having a population of 11,000 and the other a population of 6,000.  I wouldn't have to drive 5 minutes to pass both a field full of cows grazing and one of horses.  Well, not this time of year, but you get the idea.

I'm not sure how the area of the country in which I live is relevant, though.  I'm rather curious  8 )
Another old post, documenting my experiences....

'So, last tuesday I was watching my parent’s house while they were away and on the very first day, the power went out, around maybe 3 am or so.  Peering outside, I noticed that the closest neighbor still had lights on, so I called the electric company to find out what was going on.  Amongst the many things they ask is if there is a live power cable down… I imagine that would make my situation a priority… so I gather up a flashlight and go to look outside.  It takes a minute for me to find where the power line connects to the house and I start to follow it… I get about halfway to where it connects to the power lines on the road… and I realize it connects to a pole off the road, just by the woods.

Pretty much exactly where I heard those creepy children playing.

Understandably, I turn hastily around, gather up my things and go back to my own house for the night.  From there, I call First Energy and ask them to fix whatever is wrong, but a small part of me wonders… my parent’s house was the only one on the street that lost power, and on a night where I was the only one to deal with it, and dealing with it led me to that same place in the woods where the demon children were laughing and playing.

Week Three

I admit, I’ve been a bit lax in my demon children updates. Honestly, I’ve been a bit torn. On the one hand, I consider myself a level headed and rational Christian. On the other hand… I do believe in true evil.

Keeping in mind that a good portion of my fan base is young, I don’t want to frighten anyone. Let’s also keep in mind that all of this is pretty far fetched. Remember, most of you live no where near my little woods. It’s all cools.

One week after the power outage and two weeks after the creepy children laughing in our woods, there was a blizzard. My own house is a good distance more from where I work than my parent’s house, so I head to theirs… only, the route I normally take is closed off, the police turning everyone back. I don’t know the area enough to try to circle around in a blizzard, so I take a detour.

The bridge is also down and I know of only one back road that can get me to my destination. I get maybe half a mile out and traffic is stopped cold. They’re only letting 2 or 3 cars go at a time and, for all I know, these are cars they’re turning back. I could sit here for an hour only to be turned away. Most of me wants to turn around, take the turnpike to the next exit and circle back, but I’m afraid of getting stuck in some’s driveway… so I stick it out.

What should have been a 30-minute drive turned out to be a three-hour drive.

It didn’t occur to me until later, but… if I had taken that back route, it would have led me past that corner of the woods, where I had heard those creepy demon kids.

Perhaps I had imagined the demon children. But did I imagine the power outage? Did I imagine the blizzard? Those are events verifiable. How much of a coincidence is it that…
I’ve had my power go off, mine and one other neighbors house, the rest of the neighborhood had power.

What time of year did this blizzard take place?

How would a blizzard relate to “demon children”?
Oh.  I seem to have left that part out.  I just find it an odd coincidence that three weeks in a row, late at night on a Tuesday, something happened that seemed meant to draw me into the woods.  I love children.  So much so that I spend most of my spare time writing books for them.  So, if the was a demon or evil spirit in the woods, the sounds of children playing might seem a good way to tempt me.  When that didn't work, it could have messed with the power line.  Some demons are said to be able to control the weather.  For instance, the Hali.  Of course, we're not in Bulgaria, but if one form of demon can create a blizzard, why not another?

I have two theories on the matter.  A)  That it was Andrea and Susan.  Only I haven't heard anything from the woods since.  The other is that Andrea and Susan attached themselves to me to protect me from the demon in the woods.  In my faith, the spirit of someone who loves you can protect you from harmful spirits and, oddly, they let you know they're there by leaving dimes around.

Or maybe the power outage and the blizzard were just odd coincidences, but nothing strange involving the woods has happened since.  And that's when I started finding dimes in mass quantities.
Oh, the blizzard took place in early march.
Reminder:  I'm reposting blog posts from when this all started, before Andrea and Susan introduced themselves to me.  I was still trying to figure out what was going on.  This post, for instance, was from 10 months ago.  Much has happened since then, but I'm attempting to keep a proper timeline.

A couple of months ago, I noticed an odd trend.

Well, that’s not exactly true. Maybe a little over a month ago I noticed that for the past couple of weeks, I had been finding predominantly dimes on the ground. I realize that some people might not bother to pick up anything less than a quarter, but surely there should also be a good number of pennies and nickels down there as well. But no… I probably found the odd nickel and a few pennies, but the vast majority of the coins I had been finding were dimes.

I start to notice this dime thing and find it nothing more than an odd coincidence until this past Saturday, when I find one quarter, no nickels or pennies and eight dimes. All of them at my foot and none noticed by the shine from several feet away, except maybe the quarter. I just look down and find a dime.

I'm a math nerd and the chances of finding coins in that ratio would be about one in thirty-seven. Specifically, 2.7777777777777775%.

Anyhow, I mention to one of my friends late on Saturday night the oddity of finding dimes all day long and she informs me that when you find a dime on the ground, it means the spirit of someone who has passed away is nearby. Of course, I assume it’s not a hard and fast rule. Not every penny can bring good luck. But eight dimes in one night? And, at least one per day for the past two months? I ask my mother and she tells me it’s not just any spirit, it’s the spirit of someone who loves you and is leaving you dimes to let you know that they’re looking out for you.

Thinking back, two months ago was when I heard the creepy demon children in the woods outside my parent’s house. That’s also when I noticed the predominance of dimes I was finding
It fits with the lore. An evil presence or energy attached to an individual will often draw a good spirit to watch over that person, to stand guard and keep the evil at bay. It could be one or more of my Grandparents. Or perhaps a guardian angel. 

Some of you may be thinking I’m a little bit crazy, that the current book I’m writing… Demons… is messing with my mind. Others might think this is all a marketing ploy. ‘Author teases new book with faux personal experiences.’ But some of you… the ones with the open minds and vivid imaginations… you might even begin to believe.
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Okies, on to the good stuffs...  8 )

For those of you who don’t know, my day job is being a server at a sports bar.  It’s good money, gives me plenty of free time to write and I get to meet a lot of interesting people without the pressure to actually hang out with them.  

Last Saturday was the night I found the eight dimes.  On Sunday, I found fifteen… some in quite unlikely locations.  There was one under a glass that I found while cleaning off a table.  The couple had paid with a credit card.  There was one on top of a beer keg… when there’s no good reason for anyone to be dealing with money in a cooler.  There was one dime on a ledge too high for someone to drop a dime on and… just in case you think my co-workers were messing with me… I was standing right next to a man I had been serving when he got up and, where he had been sitting, was a bright, shiny dime.

The next day, I only found ten dimes.  Well, that and the five dollars worth one of the kitchen guys used to encircle my car.  I knew that was a joke pretty much immediately, but for a second, my heart froze.

Tonight was my first night working since then and I only found seven dimes, but some were in highly unlikely and impossible to fake locations.  There was one in a stack of napkins someone tossed at me… it should have flown out when they were tossed… and another lodged into my shoe laces.

My working theory is that there’s the spirit of a child following me around, playing a sort of hide and seek.  I’ve spent the past three years doting on the kids… the place is half sports bar, half restaurant… at my tables.  I patiently listen while they make very grown-up attempts at ordering, dote on them, give them stickers at the end of the meal… Anna and Elsa for the girls, Avengers for the boys.  I think a tiny spirit has been watching me fawn over the little ones all these years and has grown attached to me.

This continues for two weeks.  Every night, I find between 7 and 17 dimes.  At one point, I'm talking to a fellow server and she points down at the floor and maybe 2 inches from my right toe is a dime.  I bend to pick it up and less than an inch from my left toe are two more dimes.  My feet are less than a foot apart.  There is no way I could have missed them.  I pick up all three dimes and stand, only to see two more shiny dimes less than a foot from my left toe.  I swear, they were not there a second ago.

Honestly, I was pretty much freaking out at this point.  It's one thing to believe in ghosts hypothetically.  But to find so many dimes and no other coins of any sort for 2 weeks?  To experience the paranormal personally?  It's quite unnerving...

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