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Andrea and Susan, My Little Spirit Friends
[img][Image: Andrea_zpssgp1voxc.jpg][/img]
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Thank you for the informations and answering my questions. The more informations we get, the more possibility is given to give you an advice.

I can only give you my honest opinion. It is up to you how far you believe me.

The first mistake we always make is to transfer our perception of reality and our emotional world to these beings. 
But we are spiritually a bit different than these beings.

It's not easy to explain that for a non-hermetic. But I will try it.

Mentally, we have access to the four elements:

Earth, fire, water and air. Remember we are not talking about simple earth fire water and air, we talk about spiritual universal characteristics.
Choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic are, for example, the corresponding divisions of the elements. But it goes even further and we can even classify individual emotions according to the elements. But that would go too far now to explain everything.

In addition to the elements, we also have access to the "I am". The "I am" is indefinable. It is the origin of all Elements, mental energy, ideas, all conscience and all creativity. It is even more, but that is enough for now.

This beings didn't have access to the "I am" and they have only access to one element. Whenever they collect mental energy, they use it to upgrade themselves mentally. But always only within the framework of their element. The more energy they collect, they become A more intelligent and B their possibilities increase.

That's the reason why they love humans, because we have full access to the "I am". That means energy without end. They only need to take it.
How they do this?
They must get us so far that we mental concentrate us on them and pour out emotions and the more emotional confused we are the better they can collect. For sure they must invest energy to become more energy. 

I only touched on this topic, otherwise I would write the day after tomorrow and would not be finished.

Back to your case:

This beings use normally two ways to get this energy:
  • To bring their victims to fear.
  • To create a sympathy-tape (I don't know the correct english word to "Sympathieband") from their victims to them. 
The first way is very simple but not in the long term. Also it is possible to attract attention of those who could harm them.
The second way is on the long run perfect for them but needs more energy and more intelligence. The ancient pagan world was built on this way.
It has also the advantage of willingly given energy.

We can not make the mistake here again and transfer our perception of reality to these beings. As I wrote we have full access to the "I am" and this beings not. That means that they have no conscience. Don't get me here wrong, thats important. When I wrote the person has no conscience, then I mean he has learned not to listen to his conscience, of course he has a conscience what you notice at the latest when it comes to his children.

When I wrote that this beings didn't have conscience I mean it literally. And that's the reason why we can never ever judge them (good and evil) for what they are doing even when it is very cruel. Nature is their real workbench and we all know that nature has no conscience. Yes nature would even not survive with conscience. Nature needs to be tricky, to eat each other, to be sometimes as cruel as they can to survive. By the way, that is the reason why I always ask about the environment.   

I also only touched on this topic.

Back again to your case:
I think it is a not-self created being (other names: Elemental being, astral being, nature being, ...) who plays tricks on you. Most likely it wanted to scare you first. But then the being recognized, that here can be made more and it started with the second way.

But I also think the being is not the only one who plays tricks. I think one or the other colleague plays as well to make jokes with you.  

I have more questions:
  • Are this your first paranormal events?
  • Who else knows about it? The whole company?
  • Have you dreaming something extraordinary since it began?
Best regards
Quote:I was wondering if there were any animals in your area that might have been making sounds similar to children playing.  By knowing your location I can look at what animals might range in that area.
 I think I forgot to answer this.  The answer is... in hearing distance... there are some cows up the road.  That's about it.  My parents get some deer in their yard at times, and there's the occasional cat, but nothing that would sound like a small group of children at play.  A couple miles down, there are pig farms and horse stables, but too far for the sound to carry.  

It was a distinct sound... like I was sitting on a bench in the local park, watching the children play.
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Okay… so, I had to do a little research to find out what an ‘elemental’ was… most of the Neo-Pagan websites seem focused on Undine and Gnomes, Slyphs and Salamanders.  It took me well over half an hour to find a reference to ‘astral beings… without souls’ that tried to seduce humans to leech off part of their soul by having sex with them.  And that was expanding the definition of ‘elementals’ to ‘succubi and incubi.’
The problem is… and you only know half the story, thus far… but from most of what I’ve read and you’ve told me, very little of this seems to fit my situation.  Maybe I should ask you some questions for clarification.
A:  Are elementals tied to a specific location or can they move around?
B:  Are elementals tied to a specific person or can they interact with more than one?
C:  Can elementals interact with electronic devices, such as computers and cell phones?
D:  Are elementals intimidated by large groups of people?  Or rather, do they prefer private encounters to public ones?
E:  If I can help them become more intelligent and give them more energy, with no negative effects on my life, how is that a bad thing?
There is one key point in yr assessment that piques my interest… the ‘trying to frighten me’ thing.  Those creepy children playing in the woods could very well have been an elemental.  There is a small stream there.  And I’ve never been certain on whether or not that was Andrea and Susan, of if Andrea and Susan were protecting me from… well, from whatever that was.
You mentioned that some of my experiences may well be my co-workers playing jokes on me.  Well, duh!  Early on, one of the kitchen guys bought a roll of dimes from one of the cashiers and circled my car with them.  He put them on my door handles, my windshield, my wiper blades… basically, anyplace a dime could fit.  When I went out to my car that night, my heart skipped a beat… but just one beat.  It was obviously a joke.  And quite a clever one, if you ask me.  But I can filter these experiences into the definite, the questionable and the obviously fake.  Could one of my co-workers have left a dime on a salt shaker?  Sure.  Could they have left one on my pillow?  Absolutely not.
To answer yr questions…

Does the whole company know about my little ghost friends?  I highly doubt that.  It’s not like they send out news letters regarding the paranormal state of their employees.  At the same time, I make no effort to hide my experiences.  Just keep in mind… I work with well over 50 individuals.  At the time most of these events occur, there are only 6 people in the building, and not the same ones every night.
I’m not sure if this is or is not my first paranormal experience.  If it isn’t, the other was when I was 3.  But who can really say what they remember from when they were 3.  So, my guess is that this would be my first.
My dreaming patterns have not changed in the slightest.  Well, I believe I have had 2 dreams involving demons over the past 10 months.  At the same time, I’m close to publishing a new book that incorporates demons into my fictional universe.  It’s not a stretch to say that I have demons on my mind.

Is it possible that an other-worldly entity is leeching energy off me?  Sure, I won’t rule that out.  But I feel that, to come to that conclusion, I’m kinda forcing a round peg into a square hole.  It can be done, but there will be gaps.  From my perspective, I’m forcing a square peg into a round hole.  Before these experiences, I never would have thought such things possible… but the more I research, the more I study and the more anecdotal accounts I read… the square peg seems to fit perfectly, once the corners are trimmed.  Once my pre-conceived notions have been shaved off.

One last question… do Elementals show remorse?  Do they respond to admonitions?  Because Andrea and Susan do.
Perhaps I should share more of their shenanigans…  8 )
[img][Image: SignatureToday2_zpsb40bf612.jpg][/img]
A little bit more about Andrea and Susan.  I won't simply cut and paste from my blog, as the story got kinda derailed in terms of the chronological order of events, so I'll just share a couple of my favorite pranks.  After Easter, the dimes pretty much stopped for about a month, so I started carrying a few of them around in my right front pants pocket.  I don't use it for anything else at work and I can jingle them from time to time.  The interesting thing is, I started finding dimes in odd places again.  Underneath a floor mat I have to roll up to mop the floor.  up on a shelf in the server station, that sort of thing.  And the truly interesting part is that I will find a dime or two every night until I get to 12 or 13.  Then the dimes stop.  If I take some out and start back at 4, I start finding them again until I have about a dozen.  If I leave them in my pocket, I don't find anymore dimes, day after day, until I empty some into my dime jar.  This trend continues for the rest of the year.

Okies, numerologists out there... why do Andrea and Susan seem to want me to be carrying 12-13 dimes?

Around June, the truly freakish things start to happen.  I have a coin purse, a little fuzzy creature named Totoro from a Japanese children's cartoon, where I keep all my change.  I don't use it for anything else.  First thing when I get to work, I take it out of my knapsack and last thing before I leave, I put it back in, along with my apron and pens and server book.  Well, one Sunday afternoon, I came in to work and Totoro was not in my knapsack.  Frustrated, not sure why I would have taken it out at home, I buy some change from the cashier, work through the night, and go on an extensive search of my house.  It's simply gone.

So... I order a new Totoro from Amazon and two weeks later, on Saturday night, the store in closed, all the work done, and I stuff my things into my knapsack like normal.  Now, my bag is generally full of all sorts of random stuff... latex gloves, medicine, books, mail, candy... you name it.  So I have this one pocket where I keep just two things, my wallet and my keys, so I don't have to dig for them when I need them.  I reach into that pocket to get my keys and, right on top of them, is Totoro.  The original one.

Andrea and Susan stole my little fuzzy Totoro.  Another hint that they're children and harmless.  They could have stolen my wallet or car keys.  They could have stolen a paycheck.  They just borrowed my coin purse for 2 weeks, then gave it back.  They just wanted to play with it for awhile.

I hate technology.  I hated my cell phone company.  I paid my bills on time... it was set to automatically be taken out of my checking account.  Yet every three or four months, they would cut off my service for no reason.  I would have to drive to someone else's house and use their phone to call my people and the process of re-activating it took about 30 minutes.  So after the 3rd time they cut me off, I decided to get an iPhone instead of a Galaxy.

The Saturday after my little spirit friends gave me back my coin purse... and incidentally, I emptied the contents into my new coin purse and transferred all my spirit dimes from the jar to my old Totoro, as Andrea and Susan seem to like him... I get a new iPhone.  That night at work, I decide to start adding contacts... because, obviously, I have none.  Most urgent are family and work.  I had sent out an email to my family earlier that day but, towards the end of the night, I realize that I should probably add my work # while I'm there.  I pull out my phone and open my contacts and, to my surprise, I actually do have one contact.  Daja.  One of my fellow servers.

Now, let me be clear... I love Daja, she's one of the peeps who helped me out with the current teen slang in my first book, back when she was just 16.  Still, she's (now) only 19 years old and I'm in my 30's.  I have no reason to call her, I have never known her phone #, we're not even friends on Facebook.  How did it get programmed into my phone?  Oh, and while the spelling of her name was correct... Daja, not Deja... it was actually in my phone as DaJa.  She comes into work the next day and I ask her what her phone number is.  It's the same one that was programmed into my phone.

I wonder if Andrea and Susan were worried about me being lonely?  Anyways, this is just a taste of the weirdness I have experienced  8 )
[img][Image: SignatureToday2_zpsb40bf612.jpg][/img]
I can not convince you of something that you do not want to believe. I'm really sorry that would not be right.

If I understand you correctly, the information that you have collected on the internet does not match with your situation.
Yes, you are right. Please never forget: I didn't wrote the pages.

As I wrote: This beings can behave very intelligent and very tricky to become us there where they want to become us. 
If it is necessary to behave like children, then they do. If it is necessary to show (please remember I wrote show, not to feel) regret, then they do.

I can only tell you what will happen:

You will generally be more gullible, generally more aggressive and at the end you will feel that no one understands you and everyone is against you.
When you safely reach this point with no return, this being shows their real face. The happenings are than no more funny, cute and sweet.
You will think that this is a new being, who has displaced the others. But it was always the same being.

Ignore them inwardly, donate the collected money for something good and selfless. And if this being are not accept that his "property" (they see us as property, as I wrote no conscience) become own, than write me a PM.

Or don't do it. It would be also ok. 
Mighty being/Demon, or sweet tiny children, or I don't know what else. It was and is alway your decision how to handle with it.

I wish you all the best and good luck
(01-20-2018, 05:47 AM)Kilian Wrote: I can not convince you of something that you do not want to believe. 

Um... that's kinda silly.  I mean, who does want to believe that some evil forest spirit is messing with their head  ; )

To be honest, I don't know what is going on.  The laughter in the woods could be one thing and the dimes could be another.  Perhaps the online surveys are related to the spirit in the woods... I was at my parent's house that night... rather than the dimes.  Maybe there is only one spirit child, Andrea, tied to my workplace and another, more malevolent being tied to the woods.

The main point of interest to me, at this point, is... can elementals move about freely or are they tied to a specific location.  My layman's understanding is that ghosts are tied to either a location or an object.  I was wondering if a water elemental, for instance, would be tied to a specific lake or river.

This is an important factor.  There is a stream in the woods by my parent's house and my bar is located less than a quarter of a mile from a closed water park on a lake.  Could an elemental move from the stream to the lake and back again, following me?  If the answer is yes, that goes a long way towards me solving this mystery.  If the answer is no, it at least narrows down my options.  

Perhaps I'll post something in the pagan forums.  You mentioned that you don't know the websites I've been researching... well, neither do I.  They could be the equivalent of the Flat Earth Society, for all I know.  It took me half an hour to find any kind of reference to the sort of elemental you described and that was only three sentences.  Another 20 minutes today and I found nothing.  At least, nothing that could be found through a search engine or skimming 50 pages of text looking for key words, manually.

I appreciate all yr help in the matter  8 )
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It is not so easy to explain you that.

There are two reasons:
  • English is not my mother tongue
  • I do not want to throw you emotionally more out of the way as you are
Yes this beings are not bound to a place, but they always return to the same place.
How far they travel depends on their will to invest energy.

Years ago I had a similar case.
The focus person heard footsteps on the attic, saw appearances and was very frightened.
The phenomena became so strong that the steps could even be heard by strangers.

The focus person and some more people made the same mistake as you did:
"The first mistake we always make is to transfer our perception of reality and our emotional world to these beings."

As I wrote: The inner life is important in such things. Your beliefs are important.

It is impossible for me to help if the focus person still feeds the being with energy.
When the focus person think that this are ghost of died people, he feel compassion and symphathy. And feed with that emotions this being.

I told here to ignore emotionally this being, but the focus person was to frightened, to much emotionally confused.
So the first thing was to beat her fear.
The result was that the being disappeared. For sure because no more energy means for that being no more possibility to act, and if this being act it would be a loss on energy.

But this being of the focus person was mostly self-created, that means this being is not strong. In such a case it is very important to give the focus person the possibility to help them self, because nothing terrible will happen.

Can you handle with Google-translator?
I hope so. Use Google translator (German to English) take your time and see self.
My intention is not to advertise but to show you how important the inner life is.

I hope it is allowed to name the source?
The forum is a german forum and I don't think that all members will leave now this forum to post on a german Forum.
If not please remove and sorry for that:

Threat self-created being
Threat self-created being Page 2

Back to your case:

It didn't sounds that you are dealing with a self-created being.
I think that this is a not-self created being. This beings are more intelligent, more tricky and can be more dangerous.
You will not find much usefully about these beings in the Internet. 

The only thing what I can do is to give you a list of books (when they are available in english).
Even in this books you get just a rough outline. Most experiences you get when you handle with them, but please after training your mind and inner life. Before that there is a high probability to end like the wife of this guy: Threat inside Talk Paranormal

I need your help to help you. If you are not ready to convince yourself, to stop feeding this beings with energy I can't help you and I didn't want to help you. 
Don't get me wrong, I still want to help you when there is a possibility for help and of course I never wanted something for my help and I'll never ask for anything. But this beings can be dangerous also for them who helps. The only thing I ever wanted from the focus person is to stop feeding this beings. Without that it is a "lost battle".

Even the worst being can be crushed down if the focus person showing patience and will:
Threat Not-self-created being
Threat Not-self-created being Page 2
Threat Not-self-created being Page 3
Threat Not-self-created being Page 4
Threat Not-self-created being Page 5

I can not do more like that what I wrote. It is your decision.

Best regards
You've actually been very helpful, so thank you.  I've received multiple warnings about nefarious spirits trying to deceive me, but none with enough specifics do give me a launching point for research.  I found some nice, scholarly websites, including this paper on elementals:

The reason I asked if elementals are tied to a specific location is this... I've been ill for over a month now and unable to work.  Nothing paranormal has happened in that time.  It seems clear that whatever Andrea and Susan are, they are bound to the location where I was serving.  Perhaps they were able to piggyback me to my parent's house, but it seems they can't get there on their own.

Whether spirits or elementals or something else, the issue is probably resolved, as I'm pretty sure they've replaced me by now at the bar.  That place is 40 minutes from my house, so I doubt I'll ever be back.  And thus ends the paranormal adventures of Mika...

8 )
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