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Andrea and Susan, My Little Spirit Friends
The problem I have with your stories is that I cannot tell the difference between your written stories and your reality story with Andrea and Susan.
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(01-13-2018, 12:38 PM)Mika Wrote: Ohio.  They live on the edge of two small towns... theirs having a population of 11,000 and the other a population of 6,000.  I wouldn't have to drive 5 minutes to pass both a field full of cows grazing and one of horses.  Well, not this time of year, but you get the idea.

I'm not sure how the area of the country in which I live is relevant, though.  I'm rather curious  8 )

I was wondering if there were any animals in your area that might have been making sounds similar to children playing.  By knowing your location I can look at what animals might range in that area.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

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(01-15-2018, 07:21 AM)Vultyrex Wrote: The problem I have with your stories is that I cannot tell the difference between your written stories and your reality story with Andrea and Susan.

My written story is in the fiction thread and is about zombies.  Everything here is reality.  At least, reality as I experienced it.  I have written no fiction about Andrea or Susan.

The part that is italicized is taken from blog posts that I started writing 10 months ago, so I could document events roughly as they occurred.  That is the important part.  The parts that are not italicized are either additions I feel relevant, based on knowledge I didn't have at the time, or answers to questions people ask.
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Where is your blog located? I would very much like to read it if you please.
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Well, I should point out that the blog isn't about Andrea and Susan.  I write books for kids and young adults, so most of the posts are updates, teasers, links to interviews, easter eggs... that sort of thing.  But it does document all my supernatural experiences as they happened, if you don't want to wait for me to re-post them here.  You'll just have to look for them.

It shouldn't be too hard.  Anything involving the words spirit, creepy, little friends, ghosts, or anything supernatural really... those would be about Andrea and Susan.  I think there's one titled 'They'back.'

If you are, for some reason, interested in the rest of my blog, there are are some random fictional posts where characters from my books log on and post.  I only mention this so you won't get confused if you read a post by someone named Saffron or Nat or Billi.

Here's the link.  Newest posts are at the top, so you would want to scroll down and work yr way up  8 )
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More on the dimes...

Last Saturday was the night I found the eight dimes.  On Sunday, I found fifteen… some in quite unlikely locations.  There was one under a glass that I found while cleaning off a table.  The couple had paid with a credit card.  There was one on top of a beer keg… when there’s no good reason for anyone to be dealing with money in a cooler.  There was one dime on a ledge too high for someone to drop a dime on and… just in case you think my co-workers were messing with me… I was standing right next to a man I had been serving when he got up and, where he had been sitting, I found a bright, shiny dime.

The next day, I found ten dimes.  Well, that and the five dollars worth one of the kitchen guys used to encircle my car.  I knew that was a joke pretty much immediately, but for a second, my heart froze.

Tonight was my first night working since then and I only found seven dimes, but some were in highly unlikely and impossible to fake locations.  There was one in a stack of napkins someone tossed at me… it should have flown out when they were tossed… and another lodged into my shoe laces.

My working theory is that there’s the spirit of a child following me around, playing a sort of hide and seek.  I’ve spent the past three years doting on the kids… the place is half sports bar, half restaurant… at my tables.  I patiently listen while they make very grown-up attempts at ordering, dote on them, give them stickers at the end of the meal… Anna and Elsa for the girls, Avengers for the boys.  I think a tiny spirit has been watching me fawn over the little ones all these years and has grown attached to me
To be honest, I kinda missed my little spirit friend tonight.  I hope she/he hangs out more with me tomorrow  8 )
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The night before Easter I found a massive seventeen dimes at work throughout the course of the night and not a single coin of any other sort.  All told, I’d found around 60 dimes over the course of 5 working days and 55 the week before.  I even keep them in a special jar on my desk.  

That 115 dimes is in comparison to about 14 pennies, 3 quarters and 5 nickels.

Then, on Easter, I had a revelation.

Perhaps the spirit(s) leaving me dimes weren’t trying to ward off the evil spirits in the woods.  They were the little kids I heard laughing in the woods and they were telling me not to be afraid.  After several weeks of leaving me dimes and me not getting the message, they started dropping them en masse, hiding them, putting them in impossible locations, until finally I did understand their message.

When I left my parent’s house that night, it was dark out, and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t get goosebumps or chills.  But the next day at work would be the real test.  That Monday, I found four pennies, four nickels and one quarter.  No dimes.  With an hour left to go, I mentioned this to one of my co-workers and added that I kinda missed my little spirit friends.  In the next five minutes, I found four dimes

I don't know if they can hear me talk or read my mind or just sense emotions... but the fact that I would find four dimes within minutes of mentioning them to the bar server, who doesn't come over to the dining room...
It had to be my little spirit friends.  They were giving me a shout out.

Since then, every once in a while something strange will happen.  I found a dime on my bed the other day.  I live alone and keep my change in a jar downstairs.  Tonight I once again mentioned that I missed my little spirit friends and immediately found a dime on one of my tables.

It’s funny, you know.  On the one hand, I’ve always believed in Ghosts.  I’ve known people who have seen them, I’ve watched the TV shows.  But to have something this intricate, something that can’t be explained away, actually happen to me?  Personaloly?  This has got to be one of the most fascinating experiences of my life…  8 )
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Hello Mika,

interesting experiences...

That with the money is not untypical I have heard and seen a lot about it.
Especially coins appear frequently, I never heard that banknotes appear.
The most popular case is the case of Eleonore Zugun more than 90 years ago in Romania.

Have you ever seen them? I mean have the beings ever appeared?
Symbolism must be used here: When they look like children that means that they are not very strong. It has nothing to do with age.

I know you said we should not ask, but I still ask:
How do you know their names?
And how can you be sure that this are their real names?

You not, but trained people can use the names of these beings to call them anytime they want. 
That's why these beings do not give their real names.

The problem are that this beings, especially those who are not so strong, do not realize that our world is a little bit different. 
For example that we need to work to survive, that we need electricity and that some actions are ilegal (for example to enter a house that is not owned by you). Or that our dreams are personal and yet can mean a lot to us.

But before we continue...
How can we help you?

Don't get me wrong you can do what ever you want, but as I wrote, the world from where this beings come is a little bit different.
From experience I know that sometimes a kind of sensationalism prevails and the affected people do not really want help. And this is ok, when we know that.

Best regards.
Okies, so this is going to be a long post.  You asked some questions that don’t have simple answers.  Perhaps some background is required.

I work at a family friendly sports bar.  We have a normal bar section and a dining room section for families.  We have coloring books and tablets on which kids can play video games, like Plants vs Zombies or that one where you design yr own pony.  But the land it was built on used to be a family friendly racetrack back in the 20’s or so.  In addition to the horse and dog races, there were go-karts and a lake to swim in.  Families would go there on the weekends.  I don’t know many details but one of my regulars in the bar was so intrigued with my little friends that he went to the city’s historical society and asked some questions about the area.  The racetrack has long since closed but a waterpark was built, and the rest of the land was given over to retail space.

In retrospect, I’m guessing that Andrea and Susan were hanging out at this waterpark.  I say that because I worked at that bar for 4 years and nothing unusual happened.  Last fall, the place closed down.  That’s when I started finding dimes.  It’s hard to determine the exact date… sometime in December or January… because it took me months to even notice how most of the coins I found were dimes.

That’s one of the reasons I believe they are children.  Another is that they are goofy.  They play pranks on me.  They take things out of my pockets and put them in a spot where only I will find them.  They often mess with one of my co-workers because he doesn’t believe in them and was once rude to me when I was talking about them.  They won’t come out when we’re busy but instead they wait until late at night, when the place is empty and I’m pretty much alone, doing my closing work.  They’re shy.

And, there’s the way Andrea introduced herself to me this fall.

One night, I was going through the lost and found box and found an almost new coloring book.  On a whim, I took it and a couple of our own coloring books and a couple boxes of crayons and hid it on a shelf we don’t use in the bar server station.  We don’t use it because it’s 8’ high and you would need a ladder to get up there.  It’s also enclosed and in the most remote corner of the building.  Myself, I had to climb up onto the counter to put them up there.  Even then, I had to reach up blindly and push them back. I knew I was being silly, but I wanted my little spirit friends to know I was thinking about them.

Randomly, a week later, I went back to investigate late at night.  I didn’t really expect to find anything.  I had left them gifts before and they never took them.  But this time, everything was gone except a half filled out coloring book.  On the back, in childlike handwriting in 3 different colors, was a message:  ‘Thank you from, Andrea.’  I’ll post a picture once I go back and see if I’m allowed to post images yet.

I know what yr thinking… it could be a joke from one of my co-workers.  But no one knew I put the coloring books up there and why would someone pull out a ladder to look at a shelf we haven’t used in years?

As to Susan… you know those internet polls where you log in with Facebook and they tell you who from yr friends list is which member of yr mafia family, or which one is the happy drunk, the crying drunk, the angry drunk… I love those things.  
After a rough night at work, I piddle around on the internet awhile.  One night, my little friends played a joke on the co-worker of mine they don’t like.  When I got home and saw that one of my Facebook friends linked one of those surveys, I took it.  The results were fairly normal… mostly my family, a couple of my friends… only, there was one new name.  Susan.
Let me be clear.  I do not know anyone named Susan.  I’m not sure I’ve ever known anyone named Susan.  And there was no profile picture… instead, it was an image of some woods with the leaves changing, bright yellow and orange.  And this occurred in Autumn of last year, when the leaves were changing here.

Perplexed, I searched for more surveys and five more times, the results were the same… mostly my family, a few odd friends of mine… and Susan.  And while I don’t know what kind of algorithm these sites use to choose which friend is yr ‘soulmate’ and which is yr ‘frenemy,’ I’m pretty sure they don’t go beyond yr friend list.  I think Susan was taking credit for the prank she played on my co-worker.  And she hasn’t popped up once on a survey since that night.

You mentioned bank notes.  One night, there was a random group of high school kids who came in quite late, after all the other servers had been cut.  Maybe 8 or 9.  No big deal, I like kids of all ages, and they seem to like me… but they do make a mess.  The bar was dead and the bar server was off flirting with the kitchen guys and I was cleaning off the table.  I collected all my credit tickets and cash tips and stored them in my server book and went to cleaning off the table.  I dumped some trash and when I got back, there was a ragged dollar bill on the floor.  Figuring it must have fallen, I stuffed it in my pocket and gathered up some tumblers and dumped them out.  When I returned, on the ground, pretty much exactly where I had found the dollar bill, was another.  There is no way I could have missed it the first time.  So, smiling, I stuffed it in my pocket and gathered the rest of the trash.

Side note… the table I was cleaning was about 6’ from the server station.  There is no point where it was out of my line of vision. 

Now, there was no doubt in my mind that my little spirit friends were messing with me at this point.  And there are a few people at work that I tend to share their antics with, mainly because Andrea and Susan seem to enjoy the attention.  So, I walk up to Laura and reach in my pocket and pull out the 2 dollar bills to show her… only now, there are 3.  So keep this event in mind if you ever start to question whether or not my work peeps all banded together to play a joke on me.  It was my front pocket and I was alone until the moment I walked up to Laura...

I’m thinking this is long enough for one post.  You asked how I know their names and why I feel they are children and that required detailing some of my experiences with them.  I’ll address the issues in a separate post later on today.
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Now, to answer yr other questions.

Have I ever seen Andrea or Susan?  No.  It is possible that I have heard them on 3 occasions… the children laughing in the woods, if that was indeed them.  The other 2 times were at work.  One night, I kept hearing dimes fall.  I’ve learned over these past months that each coin has a distinct sound.  Try it at home.  Drop four coins on a tile floor.  Another night, I kept hearing my name coming from behind me but when I looked, no one was there.  Mind you, I work at a sports bar… it’s loud and full of people, so it wouldn’t be odd to mishear something.  But on these two nights, I kept hearing those sounds over and over and over to a degree that has never happened on any other night.  Of course, it’s possible that my mind was playing tricks on me.

How do I know they told me their real names?  I know, in some circles, it’s believed to be possible to summon a ‘being,’ as you put it, if you know their true name.  But my true name isn’t Mika.  My true name is Mika C_______ B______.  So, there’s no reason for them to be dishonest with me.  And yes, I know the theory… some evil force is trying to trick me by posing as little girls.  We’ll come back to that later.

In order to have a productive exchange of ideas, I need to make sure you understand where I am coming from.  You view Andrea and Susan as ‘beings.’  I view them as ‘souls.’ 

For the record, I’m a non-denominational Christion.  Non-denominations because I don’t believe any one denomination or faith… Catholic or Pentecostal, Hindu or Atheist, Wiccan or Muslim or Buddhist… has the right to claim to be the ‘one true religion.’ 

There is no official church doctrine on the existence of ghosts, but it has always been my understanding that God permits the souls of the departed to visit Earth on occasion, both from Heaven and from Purgatory.  I did a little bit of research this morning on Christian websites and came up with these quotes from Martin Luther writings: 

“Christianity believes that God may, and sometimes does, permit a departed soul to appear in some visible form to people on earth,” and “… Their purpose may be to teach, or warn, or request some favor for the living.” 

Christianity also has its views on evil spirits.  Their goal is to threaten, to cause fear and uncertainty.  They move objects around, knock loudly on walls… threatening gestures to both scare you and make you question yr sanity.  To hurt you in whatever way they can.  My little friends do everything incognito.  They never, ever do anything harmful.  At least, not on purpose.

One night in early December, I was working with Mark.  He’s the server that they like to pester because he was rude to me and doesn’t believe in them.  He was cashing out a table of teenagers and it’s a complicated process.  8 separate tabs, some paying cash and some credit.  A few minutes after he returned everyone’s change and credit tickets, a girl walked up to him and asked for her credit card.

Now, Mark has been working there for 10 years.  Losing a credit card is not a mistake he would make.  Still, he retraced his path… it’s only about 6’, but it could have dropped of the check presenter… and found nothing.  He checked all around the server station, enlisted the manager and me to help him look… under the counter, on the floor, behind the terminals… and nothing.  He asked everyone at the table to check their own tickets and change to see if he had accidentally put the card on the wrong presenter.  Nothing.  Mark was exasperated.  Finally, he said, “I mean, even if I dropped the card, it has to be somewhere!  It couldn’t just disappear!’  That was when he started digging through the trash… as if he could accidentally throw a credit card into the trash.

That’s also when my heart sank.  Mark might not believe that objects can just disappear, but I know they can.  So I whispered, under my breath, ‘C’mon guys, pranks are one things but you can’t just steal a credit card.  That’s something important.  It’s totally not cools.”

Within 60 seconds, the girl came up and said she found her credit card.  Where did she find it?  On the table in front of the kid opposite her, maybe two feet away from her.  I find it highly implausible that neither she nor the boy across from her could have missed it when Mark asked them to look for it.  And the fact that they found it less than a minute after I scolded Andrea and Susan?

They heard me and returned the card.  Just like little kids would do when found out in their mischief.  I somehow doubt evil spirits would have done so.

You asked me another thing… how can you guys help me?  Well, on the assumption that Andrea and Susan are souls trapped in Purgatory… a reasonable assumption, as children are too young to have sinned but still carry Original Sin… if anyone here knows a way to help me free them to Heaven, that would be awesome.  I prayed for months for that, despite the fact that I would miss them.

Anyhoo, that’s where I’m coming from.  I’m guessing you have a different interpretation of events  ; )  You can also help me in that way… explain a different point of view from a different mindset.  I’m not so foolish as to think I know everything and my beliefs are the right ones.  Maybe there’s something I missed…
8 )  
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