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The Old Lady in Our House
This happened about 6 years ago. We were living in a different place than we are now. Anyway, there were several times that we thought we had seen something move. We also heard strange noises. A couple times we saw, just for a second, what appeared to be an old woman. After that we asked our landlady if anyone had ever died in the house. She told us that her elderly mother had died in her bed which just happened to be in the exact room where I myself had seen a glimpse of an old woman.

Fast forward... We had some friends, a married couple, visiting us. They stayed most of the day. We had supper and visited. Not one word was mentioned about the old lady nor did the subject of ghosts or anything remotely paranormal come up. The couple did not have a car so I was driving them home. When I got their place and we were saying our goodbyes the woman said this to me, "I dont know if you are aware of it or not but there is an old woman in that house. She likes you two and she is happy with what you have done with the house."

Naturally I was amazed. Coincidence?

The couple had been living in another state for several years. They had recently moved back to a little town just a few miles away from where we lived. Nobody had said a word to them about us thinking there was a presence in the house or anything at all related to that.

Believe what you will or don't. I am posting about my experience as information and something to think about. Ask me questions. I do not mind to discuss or consider other ideas. Demand that I give you proof and I will ignore your demands. I am not close minded. I am quite skeptical but I will not argue about proof. Also, before anyone asks, I was not on drugs or delusional and neither were the others involved.

Right now we are living in my wife's grandfathers old home place. He died while living here but did not die in the house. Her grandmother died on a couch in the very room where I am typing this. We have never felt or sensed any kind of "presence" or anything like that here. They are both buried in a small family cemetery just up the hill from us.

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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