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Third Eye Open
Eye am awake and my third Eye is open. Eye have detached from the material world and evolved into True Self, which is Energy. Eye have grown from the physical state of my life into my Natural Spiritual Self. Eye now see beyond what todays humans are programmed from birth to believe what is true, which is set in place to keep us from finding out our True Powers, which would enable everyone to be free from control and manipulations of those who want to maintain control, which has been since the beginning of man made religion. Eye am a vegan. Eye live a Maat life. Eye have complete love for all life and see all others as a part of me, no matter who you are or what life you live. Your destiny is your destiny, it is not my place to tell you what path to journey. Eye respect and have great love for the earth and all animals and life forms that live and grow on it, for it is all apart of Self. Eye am currently practicing lucid dreaming and astral projection, as well. Eye have read many books and continuing reading, as well as mediation, mind yoga, and visualizing and living as though my future already exist, as a result, my life has changed in such a phenomenal way. My needs are always met, and my spirit is full of peace and love for Eye feel all is a part of me. Eye have read minds, entered others minds and seen there visions, Eye have felt their spirit and seen what troubles them. Eye  My family thinks Eye am tripping and going through something because Eye am over the age of 50.
Eye needed to share with others the joy Eye feel, despite having to live among a lot of negativity and bad vibes. The positive side of the negativity that cross my path is that the positive energy that surrounds me always conquer at the end of every experience.
What Eye stated above is brief but very true. This is all my spirit is willing to reveal at this time. Ase!, Hotep!, Namaste!
Thank you for taking the time to read my post, Ase!

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