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I saw a ghost CAT!
Yep, a kitty cat! Meow.

No joke. I saw this about 6 months ago. I've researched it a bit, and have learned that ghost sightings of animals are far more prevalent than those of humans. I would've preferred to have seen a human ghost mind you, as there's the potential for communication (or so I've heard) and cooler bragging rights, but we're talkin' ghosts so I'll take it anyway I can get it. Anyway, here's the story:

So it was about 7 in the morning and I get out of bed to go to the bathroom. It has no windows but there's one in the hall right next to it that lets light in, and while it was dim there was enough to easily see around. So I walk in and first see my two cats, sitting near the door near my feet and staring into the far corner of the room. They look up at me entering, then quickly back at what they were checking out before. I follow their gaze to the shower. It's a standing shower not a tub, with a curtain pulled to the side. Inside the shower, sitting, its profile to me, is an adult orange tabby. It was staring straight ahead at the wall and was as still as a statue. At first I didn't think much of it. My cats usually would bring their caught prey into this shower, where they could corner and then torture it when it tried to escape so I figured this was what this was, except I didn't recognize the cat. I did recently have a cat that looked just like this one but had recently taken it to the pound because it pissed all over everything it laid its eyes on. So while it was similar, I knew it couldn't be the same one. Wanting to get a better look, I glanced over to the light switch, placed my finger on it, looked back at the cat, and, unblinking, flipped the lights on. It vanished. POOF! I mean, literally just evaporated into thin air. Right after this happened, both my cats turned and bolted out of the room together as I was just beginning to exclaim "HOLY ****!!". 

Needless to say, this woke me up damn quick. Never before in my life have I seen something so physically manifested in the environment vanish right before my eyes, only a matter of I'd estimate to be 6-8 feet away. Whatever this thing was, it looked as real as any cat I've ever seen. It wasn't transparent, it was solid, I couldn't tell a difference, and this addresses part of my previously held skepticism: maybe ghosts aren't photographed very often because there's nothing indistinguishable about them from reality until they disappear, as this apparition did. As a former skeptic, I wouldn't have hesitated to attribute this to a sleep induced hallucination, still being groggy or something else, but to have two corroborating witnesses (even though they were my pets) gives me pause. I genuinely believe I saw an apparition as there's no other explanation for it. My cats staring intently at it, it disappearing, and them running away I can't just write off as I'd otherwise easily do.

It wasn't just unsettling to see what I did, it's also been a humbling experience in forcing me to challenge and question my previous beliefs that I was very confident (and arrogantly condescending) in. I still am largely a skeptic in various aspects towards ghosts and their mythology, however I can no longer discount the possibility of them existing. I've humored that perhaps my cat was put down at the pound and this was a residual haunting of it. An "imprinting" on the environment, so to speak, and this particular cat did like to use that shower to finish his hunting.

So yea, my ghost story. A cat apparition. It wasn't scary as much as it was freaky, and it happened so quickly because I just thought I was looking at something regular so I didn't take time to study it. It ended as quickly as it begun, probably over a period of only 10 seconds. But I know what I saw, and my cat friends got my back.
Here is a book you may be interested in. I have this book myself.

Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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