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Heavy Dreams and Emotions
Not sure if this is paranormal, but sometimes at night, usually when I'm trying to sleep I get these heavy, strong feelings/emotions. Sometimes I feel really happy, sometimes I feel really sad, sometimes I get really angry and I have no idea where it comes from. Like whatever emotion it is at the time just floods my whole body and mind. When I get these emotions, the room usually feels really heavy to the point where my shoulders start to hurt because it feels like there's actually weight on them.

Then every night I Keep having these weird, vivid dreams, all of the having to do with ghosts, and spirits. Usually when I dream I can't remember after an hour or so. But the weird thing is I can still remember them. Not all the dreams are negative but it's weird I can still remember them. Sometimes though they scare they hell out of me to a point I can't go back to sleep. For example I had a weird of these evil ghost girl (she almost looked like the girl from the girl but not so black and white) chasing me around these random streets, I had no idea where I was, it was nighttime, and I knew she wanted to hurt me. As I was getting tired of running I realized I was in the same neighborhood my grandmother lived in. I was able to get in her house, and lay down on her couch. But right when I put my head down I had an overwhelming feeling someone got came into to room, I was to look up to see who it was, but then I felt hands around my ankles, and someone dragged me off the couch, pulling me out her front door. I remember screaming and fighting for my life to hold onto something but whoever grabbed me was really strong. After a couple of seconds of being dragged, I woke up hot as hell, and sweating. I couldn't fall back to sleep. Not all my dreams of spirits are as scary as that but it's weird I Keep having them. Everytime I think about it, my shoulders feel heavy, so heavy they start to hurt.

I was wondering if anyone had any explanations on what this could be. Maybe even sugessting things I can look into too. I haven't told my family about this either, because when things like this come up there ideas are I'm watching too many scary movies, or I don't get enough sleep, or some crap like that. Paranormal hasn't peeked my interest in a long time, but now that this is happening it makes me wonder if I am experiencing anything.
Stress, diet, lack of sleep, narcolepsy or other more serious causes.
Write down your dreams in a dream journal. Maybe you can gain more understanding of the symbolism in your dreams and make sense of it. It also helps to note things that may trigger nightmares. It wouldn't hurt talking to a professional about your dreams but I know not everyone can afford the latter option so keeping a dream journal is the most recommended for anyone.
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Yes, keeping a dream journal is very important if you want to understand what is going on. I suggest that you keep a notebook by your bed. Try to wake up slowly and think about your dream before you even open your eyes. Then write down as much as you can as soon as you can. We tend to forget most or even all of our dreams very quickly.

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