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Dead mother contacted me in my dream
I’m not someone who is too big into the spirit world or anything. But I woke up this morning and I was confused but happy. I had the most vivid dream I’ve ever had. But it wasn’t a normal dream, I dreamt about my mother. This is not something that happens too often I mean even when I try to think of my mom my memories get kinda clouded. My mom died in 2005, I knew her but not as much as one would expect. I was born in 1989 and at 9 months my mother opted to have friend of hers Care for and raise me. I nevertheless really knew her growing up even after she got her life together she would send me a box here or there with photos and gifts, the photos contained pictures of my older sisters who lived with her. She would call maybe 3x a year but i never costed her and she never cheated and to see me.

I lived about 800 miles away the family i was raised by had roots in the south. September 21,2000 I came home from school and my caretaker who to me was a grandmother was crying. Said I had to pack had to pack, that I was moving back North with my mother. I was told she would be arriving the next morning by plane and we would be flying back out a day after that. No warning no nothing I was just told I had to go. I felt so devastated. I mean I didn’t even know this woman outside of a few pictures and phone calls, I couldn’t remember ever spending time with her. But now I had to go.  I was upset however I took my first plane ride on September 23,2000 and met my two older sisters for the first time. I felt a little displaced because I was raised by a black family and I always knew I wasn’t one of them but my upbringing was as if I was. My mother being a red headed white woman with freckles and blue-grey eyes. I was a curly headed tan girl with brown hair and brown eyes.

Both my sisters also appeared to be white as well as my little brother who was only two at the time. so I went from being with people who resembled me (black comes in all shades) to being the darkest person in the house. Needless to say it took some getting used to. I had a southern mentality and I greeted my new found family members such as aunts and uncles with yes or no ma’am or sir. They told me I was speaking funny that that’s not how people up north talked and often made jokes of my manners and southern accent. I started making friends and enjoyed my youth but I always had a bit of a strained relationship with my mother. I felt she had abandoned me but took care of my older sisters. They lived with her while I never saw her except the day she came to take me away from the only family I ever knew. I did my best to stay respectful but she knew I resented her. She always asked a lot from me, I was constantly doing chores while my sisters did very little because they tended to argue with her while I was raised to obey my elders.  She started getting pretty ill by the winter of 2001. My duties around the house were almost never ending.

Both my sisters dropped out of high school and it was just me and my younger handicapped brother and a sick mom. I felt like a slave my sisters would come and go as they pleased and everything fell on me. I remember asking her when I was about to turn 13 if she just wanted a slave because that’s what I felt like I was. She told me she loved me but she needed help, I’ll be honest it was hard to love her I wanted to be done with it all. She got worse and worse and was in the hospital for extended periods of time. My older sisters came to watch my brother while aunts helped keep groceries and other things in order. She was dying, she was suffering and even though it was hard for me to feel love from her I would take a 3 mile walk to her hospital room daily after school.

I tended to have money because I babysat often for neighbors and family friends so I would bring her snacks and sweets that the doctors wouldn’t allow her to have. I would brush her hair and bring boxes of chocolate cherries and she would smile and be happy. Her family was devious but I was smart, I read a lot of books and spent time in the library often. I didn’t want to live with any of them. I filed a petition with the court asking for emancipation. I skipped school and had my first hearing in April. No one ever knew. She would often be out of her normal mind and talked gibberish or couldn’t remember people but she would always call for me by name weather I was at the hospital or not. Family would visit and she would always ask for me or when I was coming. She would call for me to do everything. I never understood it, I never felt the love...

She died June 18,2005. My aunt stayed with her that night at the hospital while friends visited in and out. She died at 3am. We got a call to head to the hospital and say our last respects. I felt abandoned all over again. Her best friend was there and asked if I came to see her the night before and I said no I was told I had to stay home. She looked at my aunt and said why?! She was looking for you all day and night I was here until yesterday evening and your aunt was supposed to bring you here. My aunt cut in and said my mom wasn’t in her right mind, the friend was admitted she wasn’t but said she told them both to bring me to her even though she couldn’t tell who either of them were. She was cremated and buried so the hospital was the last time I ever saw my mother, she was bloated and was almost orange. She looked nothing like she once did. I knew her for just under 5 years of my life.

I never dream about her, I find it hard to remember her without looking at pictures. But last night she came to me in my dream. It felt so real, I could see her, she smelled like lilacs, she talked to me. I wanted to talk back but I couldn’t speak in my dream, I actually cried in my dream because it felt so real.... she told me she loved me, she said she was so proud of me and that she always knew I was strong. That she never worried about me and she just wanted me to know she watches and that I am doing a great job. She hugged me and it felt so real however I opened my eyes and my boyfriend had been hugging me, but it was her in my sleep, it was her, I heard her voice and everything. I woke up during my hug to see that I had been crying in my sleep, my eyes were swollen and my pillow was wet. My boyfriend looked at me and asked what was wrong and I couldn’t answer him, I still don’t know how to explain it.

I’m 5 months pregnant and I have a 10 year old daughter, I have very limited communication with any family since her death I have raised myself. Been on my own for the last 13 years and never dreamt of my mother. I feel good, I can’t stop crying but I think it’s from happiness. I just don’t know what to get from this....
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Weird, my mom died in 2005 and I dreamed about her last night. I can’t remember my dream I just remember her being in it and in all these years I don’t ever remember dreaming of her.
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MY mother died in 94, my father died in 77. I dont recall ever dreaming about them.

I had a best friend, like a brother, who died in 1990. I dream about him every now and then. The funny thing is that in the dreams we both know that he is dead and he is visiting me.

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