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When the Spirits are gone (Need Info)
I would say after going at it with an evil person/spirit Jan 2017 things around the house went spirit central. Many EVPs noises at night banging steps & voices cold spells and so on. Im unfrighten by it all (going at it with a bad female person/spirit will do that & your brother having stage 4 lung cancer) so i walk in the dark unfazed. Friday I went to see my Grandfather grave & brought back his Christmas tree & Merry Christmas sign and put it in the trunk. That night there was activity with 2 to 3 spirits and strong EVPs. The next day I brought the items into the house didnt think twice until the night, no noise there was nothing. Im not complaining but after months of noise or the static electricity feeling it was dare I say dead quite. I need help in this or ideas into why this happen any help is appreciated because God knows there are some stuck up people in this field that do not help & hold on to info like there the next in line to take over when Ghost Adventures gets the ax

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