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Ghost Flight 401
Ghost Flight 401 begins in 1972 when Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 left New York’s JFK airport and headed out to Miami International Airport. The plane took off approximately at 9:20pm, but trouble began around 11:32pm. The landing gear indicator on the plane’s dashboard was not lit up and this was causing concern among the pilots, Veteran pilot Captain Robert Loft, First Officer Albert Stockstill and Second Officer Donald Repo. They all ended up being completely distracted by the landing gear issue and the plane tragically crashed due to their lack of concentration. 

Flight 401 carried 163 passengers and 13 crew members when it first dispatched to Miami. After the crash, 101 people had perished as well as First Officer Stockwell. The other two pilots managed to survive the crash but soon died after being rescued. Months after the tragedy, employees of Eastern Airlines began reporting the ghosts of crew members of Loft and Repo. These reports came after apparently a different aircraft was fitted with parts of the Flight 401. More and more employees murmured about the ghostly sightings until upper management threatened to dismiss those with paranormal claims. 

To this day, those employees swear they saw the ghosts of Loft and Repo, and some theorize their souls haunt the site because of guilt. 

Read more about Flight 401 here: Ghost Flight 401
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And read the story of how the fictional part was created by a book.  Not one among the scores of EAL officers and employees interviewed... expressed any belief whatsoever in the ghost story, and they resented what they felt was Fuller's twisting or inventing quotes. Not one real person claims to have seen a ghost.
For the real story:
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